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Zoella Causing Eating Disorders on YouTube!?

Zoella Causing Eating Disorders on YouTube!? – Zoella had said she is not the best role model for nutrition and fitness. She wants to turn everything around and have a fresh start! We want to help give Zoella some advice.

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Kami Tam says:

you guys are a joke. stop bashing other ppl and focus on yourselves

SynthKing says:

animals kill other animals so how are they not gonna die?

Whitney Dahlin says:

click bait motherfukers I will NEVER subscribe because of this

Julie Bond says:

"The scientists in the lab are cooking up amazing treats for us"..? Coz that sounds healthy…

Shadow Fox says:

i drink 3 – 4 l a day

Heidi Fitchett says:


Becci says:

dumb video. sry. and I am vegan.

Amy Robertson says:

I'm sorry but Zoe hasn't done anything wrong, it's her choice what she eats. Not everyone has to be vegan, it must be a very boring lifestyle. Everyone is allowed a treat, Zoe doesn't just eat junk food, so I don't see why this matter concerns you two, it's her life so she can do what she wants .

Sophie says:

not more vegan preaching, please no, we will choose our diet to fit our lifestyle. (ps. its a vlog (one word) not v-log (two words))

Adventure Life says:

Being vegan is very unhealthy

Leah Waring says:

OMG she can do what she wants and eat what she wants to you don't need to say thats the fkn MEAT she's eating is wrong. Just leave her alone.

Leonie 's says:

tbh if you eat loads of VEGAN ice cream you will gain weight as well, you need to eat stuff which is fresh like fruits etc…But otherwise, I really like your video guys!!

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