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YouTube child abuse reporting ‘not working properly’ – BBC News

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Natalie Candido says:

I'm glad that this is being flagged. As a mother, I have this concern and I tried blocking bloggers who uses profanity and sexualized content which are inappropriate for children- this person uses animation- so that children will watch their shows! I implore parents to stay alert and safeguard their kids against these youtubers:/

Peator says:

You are sooooooooooo late you are 15 years behind this stuff since forever on YouTube YouTube is corrupted

NOPE OK says:

It has never worked, nothing works!!

Des Des says:

BBC reporting on child abuse then ?
Bit rich ,seeing they covered up the likes of Saville etc for years.

David Boson says:

Yeah Youtube is the problem. Not the institutions that have validated sexual abuse for hundreds of years.

Marv anthony says:

What a sick sick world we leave in.(-_-)

Awesome Avenger says:

Probably better to flag such videos as 'copyright infringement', as that alone seems to animate youtube enough to take action.

hugorc 3 says:

Hahahahaha more like *Bored teens post troll comments because their bored*

Gods Grasshopper says:

Pot…Kettle…. black.

BBC pedo network. The bbc let a known pedo host a children's program where kids sat on his lap.

Never forgive. Never forget.

William Love says:

Well YouTube receives insane amounts of traffic they can't cover it all

the500mphtortoise says:

Step 1: Drum up controversy on large youtubers-emphasis child fanbase- This ensures no special deals or exceptions for the most popular content creators in the future
Step 2: Drum up controversy on what uploads are alowed and advertised over- push youtube in allowing advertisers to select content allowing for incentivsation of certain content and slowly an exodus of creators with wrong opinions- thanks to step 1 even popular creators arent safe
Step 3: problem is the comments arent censored so make up some fake controversy about people trying to solicit children in the comments. This will allow the censoring of comments on any videos that are advertiser friendly meaning people with the right opinions wont have to deal with the wrong ones anymore.

PS: really? I mean if there has been a single instance of an adult meeting up with a child thanks to communication over youtube comments? Also if the comments are so graphic that you cant show us, im doubtful that it was not just some edgelord as opposed to actual paedos.

Yousuf says:

BBC child abuse reporting 'not working properly' – Youtube

Josh McBroom says:

BBC are using the “child abuse” front to soften up the public to future internet policing

577AllWell says:

How many children has BBC directly abused? Have you settled with all the Saville victims yet? BBC is a child abuse network.

Stuart Ashbourne-Martin says:

.I tried doing the same thing myself I actually asked the police to attend which they did they basically said there was nothing they could do because some of the comments were disgusting and YouTube even started serialising Hitler's Mein Kampf Again YouTube didn't do anything why not

Kelvin nyenza says:

I wish one day they delete all of Gay and lesbians videos not safe for our children

john smithson says:

Kids shouldn't be on here anyway, so why is it a problem here when the kid makes YT account that violates terms of service agreement, by saying their older than 13 years old! Yeah sure ban the creepers, but ban the kids too, no-one likes kids on here anyway and we especially don't give a fuck about their new puppy! (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)=/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ ∪^ェ^∪

TheEclipse2000 says:

Or how about parents control what their kids are doing on the Internet by browsing their history?


What vile mind would use a tv mentalist and psychologist would use a telephone or YouTube to try sending hypnotic suggestions to try and sexually bully person.Use Gangstalking to get a reaction of violence by using scripted individuals possibly collaborators to make comments relating to the implanted suggestion.What television company would try to destroy a individual,what people would collaborate.Hypnosis must always work.To work once must feed the ego of these grotesque people.Could you steal a human life with hypnotic bombardment for a ten minute tv programme?No one would do it for years would they?That would be criminal,unethical.A tv company and YouTube would surely want nothing to do with a vile concept.Would they!

Alien says:

Is this just another SJW reporting fake Sexual abuse? in all my time here on Youtube, I've never come across anything remotely as you describe. I have come across abusive comments with sexual words in, though, another like the BBC is describing,… I dare say, some may exist,…. though not to the degree the BBC claims.

Robin Jackson says:

I have complained on several occasions about child abuse comments and they have been removed immediately.

Wisdom Ofthetrees says:

Here’s an idea: have a telephone line that is answered by real people. Publish a telephone directory of real people in the company with their titles and duties so people can call the correct person to address the problem they are having. And if one person or division will be swamped with calls — realize there’s a deeper problem to solve!! Stop running away from problems by making yourself inaccessible.

Sir.TitWankEsquire says:

What? you mean edgy people being edgy? They dont state these comments cuz they actually mean it, they just do it cuz they get a lot of attention.

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