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Why We Love Food Wars! – Shokugeki no Soma’s Recipe for Success

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is one of the most exciting shounen anime currently airing… but what’s the secret ingredient that makes this cooking show so enticing? Let’s find out.
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In the depths of his Mother’s Basement, Geoff Thew creates videos analyzing the storytelling techniques of anime and video games. He has been named the number one Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer by The Top Tens.

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Mother's Basement says:

quick note for a discrepancy at the beginning: soma was in the top 3 at the time of writing this video, but between then and the time of editing it shifted to 4th when a new boruto episode aired.

Also, Megumi is best girl, fuck you, fight me.

HipoSlime says:

7:15 Uh… anyone got a link to that?

Muhd Luthfi says:

so many food puns

Shellova says:

The amount of puns in this video… 🙄

Lol Haha Dead says:

best anime i've ever seen period

Monkey_the_chimp says:

High school of the dead is decreed heresy

Romandy Doe says:

I started binge-watching this show while I was broke and with no food to eat for 3 days straight. The shokugeki battles were so entertaining and informative that I forgot my hunger.

Olivier Baudert says:

Tbh you had me at “there’s plenty of naked dudes too”

CornishCreamtea07 says:

Highschool of the Dead 0.10/10

Sanjeeth Mahendrakar says:

The food puns are getting too real……

sleipnir says:

ALICE is best girl. She can have a spin-off series with ryo

AmMar Śąma says:

The reactions to eating the food were fantastic at first, but later on it just boiled down to the characters losing their clothes. A lot of the creativity was thrown out the window for some reason.

Kokichi Ouma says:

I agree, Megumi is best girl.

Joshi Reinard says:

Hands down, Food Wars is shit

Star MC says:

shokugeki – bet everything out of duels
kakegurui – bet everything in a bet
So that means …….

MultiCommissar says:

Shokugeki actually embodies many of the trends and evolutions of the professional cooking world from the classic era of Auguste Escoffier to modern times and of fine dining as an aristocratic/oligarchical thing versus high level bistro and ethnic cuisine more commonly associated to individual enterprise and capitalism(as well as its less savory sides as depicted in the Karage episode). As a veteran of the restaurant industry I find the show always enjoyable, and even often enough accurate.

Griffgil Eats bread says:

I love the show because I come from a house where we cook great meals, that's why I'm into cooking my self and plan on taking cooking classes. This show helps by broadening my perspective on food. To me, I find the home cooked meal made me in to cooking.

ShRkDa says:

best girl are miss godtaste or her cousin

Albert Amadanyan says:

16:50 Your pronunciation of Rindou is really bad

Fred Tornager says:

Megumi is obviously best girl!

JeJe Servamp of Envy says:

best girl (for me) is Rindou Kobayashi.

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