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Why I Love Self Help / Pillow Talk

Here’s the blog post with some generic ‘I love Self Help’ imagery and (more importantly) the list of books I’d recommend you give a listen

I subscribe to audible and have re-listened to the books I’ve bought so often that it feels worth the cash to me. If you don’t mind the inconvenience, however you can actually find a bunch of audiobooks on YouTube for free

*probably a little bit illegal so don’t tell anyone I told you that

You can also get a month free trial (so basically one free book) from audible here if you want to give it a whirl –

*I am not sponsored by audible but that IS an affiliate link

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the first one of these, I really enjoyed filming it and can’t wait to get stuck in to some other topics!

If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.

Oh, and the eye patches I’m wearing are these 😉






Any of the above links may be affiliate links, this means when you click on them and buy something I may receive a very small percentage of the sale. If you would rather I didn’t you can google said items and find your own way there. Items mentioned in this video may have been gifted to me/sent for potential review but this does not affect my opinions of said products.

This video is not sponsored

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Lydmakeup says:

Yesss!! I read and re read these kind of books (there has been many!) almost as a mantra and to keep things fresh in my head/ keep me mindful…especially from an anxiety point of view for me personally. I like Sarah Knight's books too, but if there's one book you buy/ read this year…it's based around anxiety but has lots of elements of self help that you could take away from it…
Owning it – your bullsh*t free guide to living with anxiety by Irish writer Caroline Foran. Never has a book resonated so much! It was and is (I mark particular pages and dip in and out of it constantly) a real lightbulb moment for me. Out of all I've read over the years, this one is the most helpful by far 🙂

Kayleigh Jane says:

I was wondering, what are your thoughts on mindfulness? I am currently doing quite a bit of reading about it and wondered your opinion 🙂

rhidiscovers says:


Annie Jones says:

I'm exactly the same! I literally can't get to sleep at night I'm wide awake! 😒😒

Beautifully Scientific says:

I love your Pjs! x

Michelle Jones says:

I really like this kind of video hun! In terms of books a really good one I found was katie pipers second book as it talks about her dating in her 20s and i had a lot of similar experiences regardless of her scars and experiences since that happened it was just the challenges life brings as a professional in london was really relate-able.

I also really like reading psychologies magazine as its full of inspiration and good advice.

Online i sometimes watch a whole playlist of tedtalks. They may be on random things im not specifically looking to find out more about but i always take something away from them!

Thats a lot i know but hopefully someone finds these useful! X

Lauren Bowden says:

So pleased you’re doing this again x

L1382 says:

I would recommend Lean In, The Confidence Code, Quiet and Gretchen Rubin's books (The Happiness Project etc – as someone else mentioned, she also hosts a good podcast).

ka boom says:

Any recs on an assertiveness book? It's something I really need to work on as I often find people thinking my opinions and choices don't matter.

Deborah Blacoe says:

This is a great video Khila. You talk so much sense. I’m not into self help, but as you say it comes to us even when we don’t know it. I have been through five years of hell. The one thing which got me through it is that I kept saying to myself “this too shall pass”. And it all has. Everything that I had to deal with, all the bad is now over. Nothing lasts forever. Even when death of a loved one is involved, the pain will ease with time. It will never go, but the force of it will pass.

Thursday's Fae says:

Great video! I looooooove self-help books and biographies too. I haven’t read any for a while though. The Year of Yes sounds amazing!

Shaun Nolan says:

Year of Yes is the BEST!! Love that book! I even bought the corresponding journal that matches the book lol!

Rose Dursley says:

Can’t beat a bit of RHONY😍

Fiona Thomas says:

On the self-help vibe I would definitely read Big Magic if you haven’t already. I found it’s been great for giving me confidence in my ability as a creative person. For memoirs, I love Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon and Mad Girl by Bryoney Gordon. Loved the video and I love self help!

Tina Conn says:

Great video. I am looking for a good book to listen to at the moment. I am not normally one to struggle with finding a good audiobook but this month I am. A big part of me wanted something self help but the last couple I listened to bored me to tears and I don't want to waste an audible credit. I am off to check out your list.

Mum Of the Guys says:

Great idea to bring this back! Loving your videos lately. I agree 100% with you. You can learn so much from other people's exeperiences and life choices. I do listen to 'What's the tee?' Which is Rupaul's podcast. I find it very interesting as is full of their anecdotes and life experiences while still being funny, entertaining and relatable.

Rock Chick 5150 Forever says:

Absolutely loving your whole new look on the channel… It's fresh and funky and totally different…. Also a big fan of the housewives…. Looking forward to your next vlog… Xo

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