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What You Must Know About Self-Esteem

We usually look up to the people who have high self esteem because they are the ones who achieve things that we can only dream about. We perfectly understand how positively it could effect ours life only if we had that high self esteem than we see in some people, we can even feel it when they are around, but what we don’t usually understand is why? why they are the ones who have it and not you, so we came to believe that some of us are simply born with it, it depends on the types of genes we have or its something that you can gain only in your childhood. All these theories might be true to certain extend but the reality is quite the opposite. Building your self esteem is similar to learning how to swim or play golf. They are certain rules that you have to understand first and then you can get better with some practice .And obviously, the more you practice, the better you get at it.
And thats what we will try to find out in this video, why do you have low self esteem and how exactly you can fix it!

Many ideas are taken from the Book ” The six pillars of self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden”

Some of these ideas are taken from the book 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.

How to be taken Seriously:

You Will stay poor if you keep thinking like this:

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Proactive Thinker says:

“Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.”
― Nathaniel Branden

Divine Angelic says:

Hi yes self esteem is very important. True some people are just meant to be super successful ..look at the old time movie stars
Roy Rogers. He was totally poor eating rabbits in prairie someone heard him sing and yodel ..started singing on radio than became King of the Cowboys. made $ 100 million in his lifetime. Same with JOAN Crawford Mae West Barbara Stanwick Ginger Rogers Lucille Ball simple chorus girl

They were the exceptions. So we are not all meant to live the high life are we ? Most people are losers ! No matter what they do like me

Akalaider XD says:

How can I find more information for investing with out getting taken advantage on

Raghav Randev says:

Hi which app or software you used to edit your this video??

goodguygto says:

My neighbor down the street, just turn 30!! He has been on disability for 10 years now!!!! He's only getting $700 a month!!!!! He's been depressed for the past 15 years!!!!! Please do explain, on how I can help him turn his life around?????

Life Affairs says:

Self Esteem is everything.

Micka Sato says:

Just woke up and this is the first video that I watched and it is a great way to start the day. As a person who used to really have low self-esteem, I agree with your points. ❤

Ben Da man says:

I had to be the first dislike sorry guys. #FakeDislikes

Kayachi says:

Self esteem is very important ! Great video

John Richardson says:

Very well stated… As always!

Mike Macklin says:

Self-esteem is a choice. We are all born with one thing in common, we can choose. We allow certain influences to distract us from this simple fact and in turn go into a spiral leading to negative self talk and thoughts. We CHOOSE to believe those thoughts and as a result get exactly what we are looking for, low self-esteem. Choose to be great and follow your choice up with supporting actions and you will live the life of your choosing.

Mario Friscic says:

Ima tu dobrih stvari

compton101 says:

Awsome vídeos thank you

DARK ONE says:

Love your video and accent…..

Prasanjeet Debnath says:

Very nice video. I started to watch your videos regularly.
Could you please create one video on an entrepreneur startup success as well innovation

Vilax says:

The best channel yet?!?

Siva Fazil says:

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Roberto Garcia says:

Self-esteem is part of a culture, and I think is about being reflexive, due to in my experience I've seen people who they don't have a job, or have a good looking and they act like they have a good confidence or, they don't care about it. Also I've seen due to a self-esteem, you choose what you want to be in your life or your behavior. Like for example have you ever read about the six pillars of self-esteem by nathaniel branden or Facing Codependence
Book by Pia Mellody .. We need to go beyond due to people experiment different sutiations, so they understand different.

Anonymous says:

Yeah I always compare myself to people,then tell myself I dont care what they think.

Hustle Smart says:

Wow i love this channel

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