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What Happened to Models? (+Self esteem and Inclusion)

DISCLAIMER: This video was made for entertainment. Please do not send any hate towards these people.





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Kamilia says:

Im fat…when I see fat models all it shows me is what clothing looks like on a woman who is my size. And I appreciate that. Unfortunately clothing is not one size fits all and seeing different body types being represented in the clothing industry helps. Plus you're just talking about super models where the norm IS still the tall…slender beautiful type. But modeling falls under different categories. Not just the supermodel type. Frankly all modeling showing you what a particular item of clothing looks like on a particular body.

Jeff me says:

If everybody is beautiful, doesn't that mean nobody is!?!!? HOW DARE YOU.

Sir Smite says:

We're at a time where degeneracy is being normalized to a far greater extent.

shadowdragonomega says:

Thank you for making the last shot something pleasant.

SoganaxSaeki says:

I think that the point is that some of these models do appeal to the demographic that these magazines are trying to reach, and that there isn't just a single standard of beauty.

I agree that obesity should not be encouraged or celebrated, but there are many magazines out there for people who like body modifications and enjoy seeing models who have tattoos and piercings and all that, there are obese people out there who are trying to change their body, to be healthy, but it is not an instant process, it takes time, and during that time, those who feel comfortable and accepted, are the ones who are most likely to succeed because they aren't doing it to gain acceptance from other, but for their own sake. I think it's nice to have variety in models, to suit a variety of different industries and interests, although I don't think we should replace the ones we already have for the sake of it.

Brutal Bob says:


Justin Moore says:

That's exactly it it's this sick notion you make everybody special so nobody is special

forsaken soul says:

What happened to models?

They let them eat.

HappyandAtheist says:

the two-ton-Tina's have found that it is easier to destroy other woman than to go on a diet.

myALIASis says:

Are models getting uglier?
Answer: seeing as how they are all big, fat, ugly, tattooed, and some are transgender (freaks) the answer is…YES.

FrankoDaJefe7 says:

All these ugly models are ruining the beauty industry. I would rather watch a beautiful model, than a ugly one. Send the ugly models to the gas chambers!

Celtic Fury says:

Wow, that closer was existentialism at its finest! Yeah, ummm…this whole push for ugly, morbidly obese and generally hideously deformed models? It'll disappear as soon as the buying public recognizes it for what it is…a shameless continuation of the whole ages old "freak show" concept, repackaged in a glossy veneer of political "correctness"!

Crimson Warrior says:

And when everyone's beautiful…

NOBODY will be!

Crimson Warrior says:


Misha Putnik says:

Dear AnnaMae, I think you have it right. I remember back when I was in high school (back in the Dark Ages), our cheerleaders were the prettiest and most in shape (you needed to be in shape back then due to all the jumping, twirling, etc. they were expected to do!) Nowadays, it is downright impossible to tell who is a cheerleader and who is some slug slithering across the field. It used to be a sign of accomplishment to even have a conversation with a cheerleader (dating one was a gold star!). No more!

HiddenNinjablade says:

Why does everyone in the Ugly Model Agency look like they're a Stand User from Jojo?

The Great Plague says:

all I can say is.
whilst it's true that they're not qualified to model.
you gotta know that a shit TON of magazines of celebrities and models are often photoshopped.
as someone who's been digging this issue it actually impacts negatively to a lot of people as they tend to do plastic surgery or going bulimic just to look like the pictures on the magazine.
this on the other hand is yet ANOTHER extreme push.
really wish they can be honest with themselves and get something healthy and natural.

Gusto St. Cool says:

Sweet Jebus!!!!! Wide load…comin' through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preaching Ara says:

More fat people, more need for fat models so you can see what the clothes look like on a person who has the same bodytype as you, makes perfect business sense in my mind. As for the "ugly" models, there are loads of niche publications who want models that look like their readers. Perfectly reasonable to get in on that market.

Kyle Pirigyi says:

it seems like they are replacing traditions based on authentic values with traditions which remove responsible for obtaining any authentic value.
The responsibly is now on the observer/consumer to value a valueless system.

Skeptical Demon says:

The tattooed dude with the split tongue could pull off modeling in a like heavy metal magazine, the other tattooed girl they interviewed could probably find work for Suicide Girls, but no one wants to see a whale in a bikini. Just no thanks.

Marshall Amador says:

People acting like different civilizations never had beauty standards wtf dude

NotFunny says:

AA! The split tongue is so gross

Anna T says:

I don't really agree with you when it comes to people with tattoos, piercings, flashy haircolours etc. I think when it comes to modelling alternative style clothes and so on where it's more a lifestyle and the people who they want to appeal to probably look similar. I personally find tasteful tattoos rather appealing.
However, other than that.. Well, I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I don't think there's a huge audience to whom specifically obese models appeal to. The whole trying to be diverse thing is going a bit overboard.

John Thompson says:

This trend is the fault of the modelling business. Like any trend that causes backlash.The "super models" are not super.I find very few of them attractive.It is well known that they go through hell in a lot of circumstances to maintain their "Bergen/Belsen look. I believe a lot of the backlash could have been avoided by simply incorporating "Regular" sized women in these shows. And who are you or me or anyone to say what is correct size?. I am a lover of BBW and find a full figured woman in a sexy dress or Lingerie etc way more appealing than some starving model that could be modelling male and female clothing,they are so disgustingly – from a health point – unappealing

Daniel Brown says:

I suppose it's all relative to the size of your steeple…

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