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What causes low self esteem, anyway? [Uncommon Self Esteem tips #1]

‘What causes low self esteem, anyway?’ – Uncommon Self Esteem tips #1 – – free email self esteem tips from Mark Tyrrell.

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Kitty kait says:

I was never bullied, and everyone says I'm beutiful. I always (ans still do) deny it and brush it off my shoulder.

HailAnts says:

What would allow anyone to suddenly override those feelings? Those are all you know, nothing is going to change them. If this happens then you are doomed to a miserable horrible unfulfilling existence for the rest of your life. The only solution is suicide…

The Lucky Duck says:

i dont like myself. cant do it. did self hypnosis but as long as I stay where I stay and have no way out … 🙁 will be as it is. who knows if can be ever fixed. I like hypnosis and I support what you say here

Lily Goodwin says:

This is a really good programme which I recommend to all professionals who work in this field.It is somewhat expensive but well worth it as realisable source on which to draw from unlike some things that are available.Keep up the good work guys.

drewper73 says:

Could low self-esteem result from your typical big brother/little brother arguments and fights? I think I suffer from low self-esteem and when I look back on my childhood, the main voice of criticism is that of my older brother. However, even though we argued on a daily basis while growing up, we're best friends today and we live together. We also still argue. Of course, his wasn't the only voice of negative criticism. There were times when a friend or two would give me a hard time about this or that but isn't that part of growing up? Every now and then I'd be the one giving someone else a hard time. Maybe I'm looking back at those times with my friends through rose-colored glasses, because, to be honest, the comments that were sometimes hurled at me from my friends weren't always so kind. At least that's how I felt about them at the time. Also, on multiple occasions I can remember my Dad saying, "Son, you shouldn't be so sensitive." He wouldn't say it in a mean way. I think he knew that I might have an easier time in life if my skin was a little tougher. I always thought that I had thick skin as the years went on, but I guess that was mainly wishful thinking.
Wow! That's one giant comment isn't it? Oh well, it did help me to uncover a thing or two about my past, so I consider it a good thing. I welcome comments from anyone who has something positive or constructive to add. Thank you.

Dr Srinivas Mudrakartha says:

Mark, Great simple straightforward Tip. Guess this will be very helpful to the people suffering from low esteem. Please keep it up.

Edith, Barney and Fred says:

Mark your Video is fantastic, well done. X

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