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Troy Ave Hints He Might Testify against Taxstone. Is he snitching if it was Self Defense?


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Troy Ave Insinuating He Might Testify against Taxstone. Is he snitching if it was Self Defense?

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Pablo DaRuler says:

If you cooperate with the law enforcement you aw rat 💯🚫🧢

Samples says:

street niggas and cops is like cats and mice… if I'm a mouse and I run and tell the cats how to catch the other mice that's a bitch move cuz im giving up my own kind whether I like them or not or despite our beef there's nothing that justifies that its just a bitch move. if you got beef with a nigga and you run to the law to save your own ass… you a pussy ass nigga that shouldve never got off that porch ✌🏾

Josiah Allen says:

both these niggas corny as fuck anyway. they both telling.

Brandon Dunlap says:

Yep that’s snitching 1000 percent!

Drip Jay says:

Omar a super snitch for that & Troy ave a snitch to a certain extent

riverwoodrudebwoii 59 says:

Street Code=Don’t snitch
If you ain’t bout that smoke, stay out the kitchen!!!

Omar Hashi says:

yo they need to offer an undergraduate GED program for hood folk interested in getting a bachelors of No Snitching, although only the most dedicated hood folk would enroll considering how vigorous the work load is ie. You have to be prominent in denying, pathological lying, averting the attention on something completely irrelevant and co op programs on the block for people trying to get that hands on experience

Quintin Blonner says:

Keep it in tha streets my nigga

5thSon UterusKiller says:

He's not snitching because none of them are gansters they both Actors tax fake blood the Big Blood said he never heard of him or green light Troy Av a actor rich nigga that hanged out with Real niggas that's the story right there

Eddie Perkins says:

Na im not letting tax off the hook. You killed his guy and you almost let him rot in prison for it when you were in a position to dominate media. Tax has always been a dick head. Go watch his vlad video on why he blind one eye. Use to spit, punch, and sexually harrass a dude before dude shot him. Who grabs another man ass as a form of bullying. The fuck?

Sxrew says:

He gangsta rappin then he a snitch

Lil Ferry says:

he aint snitching cus they opps fuck em

King Krupt says:

Akadeniks what the hell why do you keep saying scotch free it’s Scott free jeeze man

Michael Burckhardt says:

Omar was a snitch but it's different cuz he's ready to die bout it in the streets

Bos Kangz says:

Well tax locked up n troy free they got enough evidence what he gotta testify for and I'm from the gutter n I look back on my life and how,we,was lost blind how much we,lost the destruction the niggas locked up doing time or under the dirt when actually the streets don't give a fuck about you to be honest get locked up n see who gone smack yo books get behind on rent n see who gone pitch in but we live by die by the code it ain't worth it even if you benefiting from it the shit be exciting get a thrill out of it until you ass on the news or in the paper dead or in jail

Jaquan Phillips says:

Whole comment section some hoes

jamel roberts says:

snitching: giving incriminating information/evidence on someone or oneself. includes tipping off a nigga baby moms to get the box lol

Sam Rothstein says:

Self defense is self defense dickhead ain't no snitching if it's self defense

Rich N says:

Telling on anybody is snitching to me . When I was a kid if Me or my bro did something bad my dad would get us to tell him who did it . We would say we don’t know and both catch a beating for it . I was just raised not to tell on anyone even an enemy. Some people are different tho .

Jaime Rodriguez says:

If you call the cops or cooperate with them your a rat ‼️ no if or buts gangsters handle they situation

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