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Transgender surgery on CHILDREN is medical CHILD ABUSE

“Progressive” parents are pushing their children into transgender surgery so that they can parade them around as “liberal trophies.” But transgender surgery on children is MEDICAL CHILD ABUSE combined with genital mutilation.

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AmandaShuNN81 says:

There are some adults who regret having the surgery so why would you do that to a child???

Timothy Love says:

It's not legal for the children to drink a beer or, for their parents to give them one, even if it is their choice, but children are old enough to make a decision like that? Twisted

Geraldine B says:

For all you crybabies whining about circumcision, that is not even remotely the same thing as sexual reassignment. Its not even the same as female genitalia mutilation. Just because you want it to be doesnt make it so.

Val Kyrie says:

Giving them hormones or messing with their gender in any way is also abuse.

Nordo North says:

Of course YouTube has censored part of this video. YOUTUBE IS PRO TRANSGENDERING CHILDREN. We all know that. Ok, off to listen to the rest of the podcast. Fuck off YouTube and Google. We should all boycott them.

Mardasee says:

I'd kill the doctors I'd kill the parents I'd kill anybody involved and if I was a juror and the defendant had done what I just stated I would find him or her not guilty.

Jackie Dalton says:

Great points

J A Jones-Ford says:


jason genaw says:

So your breast feeding and some 15 year old boys can see now there giggling and getting aroused, shut up kids are not adults. Now your teasing a minor. Just one scenario. And most of us adults have kids amd wives that breast fed, except most of our wives have decency to pump a bottle for the trip, or go to the car, as no one else deserves to see our wives boobs weather theres a kid on the end or not. No decency in soddom and ghamora oops i mean america.

Rhonda Weber says:

They won t let people get tested for Huntington's Chorea until they're an adult and they're doing transgender surgeries on kids? We are living in an insane asylum.

jason genaw says:

Most of you people are sick! And how is breast feeding in public not same as peeing around the corner. NOT FACING PEOPLE. Both have to be done. But only one is indecent exposure. Wtf!? Those are same thing. Or how if a 16 year old tries to fight you you cant fight him. But you can be gay and have $ ex with him. Sick and not equal or fair.

jason genaw says:

Removing skin is NOT the same. His penis still works. Male babies are not cut open! Not the same as cutting it off and replanting female organs. Its sick n twisted saw movie sickness.

Culture Detox says:

I wonder how many kids will sue their parents, or become addicted or commit suicide when they they become adults. 😩

jason genaw says:

Im with you 100% on this

PatriciaMcAll says:

It is white People who Are sick, not society

Mia Trueman says:

Male circumcision is genital mutilation and nobody has any right whatsoever to inflict it on a child.

fire refines says:

Then why can a 17 yr old join the military and go die for his country ? Is it ok for me to ask ?'

lawrence silvey says:

Transgenderism is modern day eunuchs with the small difference of these people are warped into thinking this is a great idea. Very sad

Jonesy Wails says:

Any so called doctor that performs these surgeries on a child or an adult, is not a doctor. They are evil butchers, probably demon possessed. The collapse of society is when these things are accepted as normal. Oh yeah, that's now.

dsvduong says:

But circumcision on male newborns is still okay?

dsfadsfgafgf says:

There is a society that condones Genital mutilation and would inflict in on the entire populous. They need not be named. We know their works.

Noware Man says:

Thank you Mike for covering this issue that has become a huge industry for population control and ethnic GENOCIDE.

Jack says:

Since you are talking about female mutilation why not talk about circumcisions on male babies. Listened to your censored report Mike Adams. Good job.

Jack says:

I agree with you. Sex changes should never be allowed for anyone under age 18. It is bad enough that some boys are raised as girls or girls as boys. I like the old concept that says all males use one bathroom and females use the other. I am one of those non-progressives that agrees with you. Sex is binary, there are boys and girls born. Sure you might get mutations and anomalies but they are rare. I think the only good thing about a sex change for an adult is permanent sterility. Children's binary anatomy should never be messed with.

steve bailie says:

Your asking children as young as 7 or 8 who still believe in tooth fairy's to to make the choice as to whether they are a boy or a girl , crazy .

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