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Tony Robbins: Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence

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I used to be an overweight as I was younger as I got into teenage stage people started talking down on me instead I started working out and I got abs also got all my confidence back and anyone who talked down on me regrets it now.


Thx alot I used to doubt a lot of things..ever since watching this I do what’s best for me…you’re a genuis

That LuckyGuy says:

the very practical thing in everyday settings of my life.i was playing fifa 18 with my friends and i thought if i win this game (success) they wont play again with me because its no fun, but if i lose, they would happily play with me again. then at some point i keep losing and losing and losing and got nervous if i about to score a goal but smiling when my friend scored. i was sabotaging myself, idk why, maybe i was just too afraid of losing friends.

Maisha Zarin Anan says:

Creating unstoppable self confidence 18:00, Success cycle 33:07

Almighty Aeophex says:


Almighty Aeophex says:


Almighty Aeophex says:


Chicken Permission says:

His voice really sounds like an anonymous voice disguiser thing

u2good2b4gotn says:

Love these! I prefer these much more to the ones where TR is talking to an audience.

Forever Young says:

Wow so worth it

Thanks! bless you

William Johan says:

Thanks For Sharing………….
The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. Visit @

Ihuoma Nwoke says:

Awesome! Thanks, for sharing Tony!

Kelly Sanders says:

I need to do this regarding my finally losing weight..only 40# but I've been here too long..

bragchamp app says:

You help a lot

Christophe Ferreira says:

Very Successful video.
I am very agree to saw it.
Thank you very much👽

Hassane Aneddame says:

Great insight as always – thanks Tony

Sophie Navarro says:

Thank you so much Tony! I needed to hear this! I have been feeling so much intense anxiety when I am learning new things constantly. Yet, I know deep down I am in the right place in the right time. I am realizing the universe has positioned me in the right place to learn leadership skills, technical skills, stay focused, stay determined and to breathe in Confidence! Thank you!!!!😊

Angelina Carla Nilsson says:

I stood up and did the exercise!! (I'm pretty flexible) i pointed my finger straight ahead, and turned clockwise with out moving my feet, i could point directly behind me…. after the exercise…. i could turn not 180 degrees, but 260degrees around! holy crap i could almost see over my left hip from behind! crap! holy crap!

Ricky Ball says:

Where can I find the full series of these recordings?

blackberriesgirl says:

The commercials in here that interrupt this speech is annoying AF. Bad channel to watch Tony Robbins info

Sara K says:

That monkey research is horrible and should be illegal!

Garrus_Mason says:


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