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Time management for women | Both working and homemakers tips

Here is a package of tips to manage your family and manage your time wisely for both working women and home makers.
Homemaker’s workplan video check it here-
budget planning video-
weekly menu plan-

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arya priya says:

Super Madhu very useful for me thank you

Thoufiq Raja says:

Sis very nice

jaya prakash says:

Motivational and useful keep it up

Anitha Mekala says:

Good work mam!!

Maheswari Baskar says:

super sister. simple exercise sollunga.

saravanan subha says:

Madhu super planning n its really motivating and i got some ideas to improve my daily life… and madhu 30 plus age ladies ku health benefits soluga…

Deep thanshi says:

very useful sis
thank u for posting this vlog…
hads offf u sis

sri devi says:

As usual super sister…..

Subha Lakshmi says:

Hi madhu. Super. U r a great planner. Do u have any kids. Please post baby food chart videos for above 1 year. Please

Vidhya Lakshmi S says:

Super video mam. Very motivation. Thank u mam.

Ravindran Natarajan says:

Upload this type of videos bcz it's very interesting

Divya R says:

Super do more video like this mam

Subbu Lib Subbu Lib says:

super, very useful…..

Padma Vishy says:

Thank u madhu,very good handwriting 😘

Sindhuja chandra sekaren says:

Supr nd sis javarisi Payasam yepdinu Oru video podunga sissy…😃

Suganya Gopinath says:

Very nice hand writting madhu….

Surya sasi says:

Super sis.. pregnancy time tips sollunga sis

Gomathi Ramya says:

Thank you madam

Surya jegan says:

Hi dear, hats off to ur effort.. superb

jamuna rani says:

Super, thank u

Krishna14 93 says:

Really u won't believe. Ungala inda video seiya Soli kekalam nu irunden. Thank u so much. Great job. Hats off 😎

Yuvi's Kitchen says:

Hi…. well said Madhu about homemaker and mom with blessings and wishes for u to soon have a baby.!!!!!!

nitthiyakala arumugam says:

super Madhu ur all videos r very nice

Suren Ragul says:

Thank u madhu… It will be very useful for homemakers.. and your videos motivates me alot…

Tastiee food kitchen says:

your tips very useful Madhu supper supper👌👌👌💐

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