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Time Management Diapers – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 94

Time Management Diapers – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 94
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Time management success tips have failed people… until this video. My Time Management Diapers are the first time management system to actually work. They’ll add 10x success to your relationships and business!

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Kegan VanSickle says:

Please come to Kansas City for a show!

Tesartmania says:

🖒😋🖒 Ur absolutely right Jp. I can just imagine, 70 hrs extra a yr, incredible,. Where do i sign up or will i need that bit-con 💩

BottleofDreams says:

I guess this parodies some kind of "do more in less time" gimmick… But what? 😀

undeadpresident says:

All the professional computer game players use them!


lol – thanks for the chuckle today

W B says:

Are you okay, dude? You look drained.

John Mckinley says:

Shut up and take my money jp

Comrade Potato says:

I never thought of that!

Anne Marie Gigi says:

You should call them "Sack-o-poopy."
It's a spinoff to the Japanese name for diapers. 🤣🤣🤣

Maureen Compoli says:

If I can pick these up at Costco it will all have been worthwhile to get the membership.

Collin Bloom says:

I'm cashing out my bitcoins to invest, are they made in America 🤣😂

Tyler C says:

DAMN JP you THICC boiii
lol as a side note I was really hoping that during this video at some point you would turn around and there would be some doo-doo butter forcing its way out, like a newborn giraffe, of your time management diaper.

Paula Suarez says:

You are the best

MyNameIsNot David says:

I need more laughs in my life. Thanks JP.

Compass Bus Life says:

Nice that I can just put them in the dishwasher with the dishes I eat from. Bonus😎

thefirst shallbelast says:

Holy shit bro … You need to rest … You are looking more stressed out and aged in this video …,stay out of the sun ginger … It isn't your friend…

Someone get him some purified mineral water stat!

P Lucas says:

I just replaced my desk chair with a toilet, my car's front seat with a toilet, my dining table's chairs with toilets, and my living room couch with a whole row of toilets. I wear a skirt (men, try a kilt) with no underwear. I have SO MUCH more time! I don't need to waste time loading diapers into the dishwasher, AND I don't have to deal with that pesky diaper rash!

Charles Bova says:

note… sell them to truck drivers, most of them use funnels.

Thomas Raahauge says:

JP took time management to the next level. What could supercede time management diapers? Time management sleeping bag overalls! Sleep when you are driving your car, visiting your in-laws, or if you are summoned to a jury. You can even sleep when waiting in line, at meetings, cooking glootenfree meals, or walking the dog. This leaves so many hours per night at your disposal. You now have time for: ill-advised rants on facebook, harrasing local politicians online, take hundreds of selfies more every day, scorn the less productive co-workers with perfectly composed tweeeeeeets, and call the local sport coaches and tell them just how inadequate they are as coaches.

(P.S.: J.P., feel free to include any of this comment in any way you see fit)

stunningarrayof says:

Like a ginger Jesus

Pedro Mesquita says:

Taking a shit while watching this. Oh, the irony…

Charles Bova says:

Good morning, cracked my ass on that one.have fun, we be stinking, but on time.

Bill Pitman says:

N.A.S.A. Approved … Hahahahhh this reminds me of Astronaut Lisa Nowak's road trip to Florida from Texas…

Alien Intention says:

Damn! Must be getting desperate for new material!

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