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Time Management Advice ♥ How to juggle study, work and life all at the same time ♥ Wengie’s Advice

You guys asked how to deal with a heavy workload when you have to study as well as work and perhaps even keep a social life! Here’s is my experience and perhaps it could help you!

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Alberto Nunez says:

My friends are bums and I always wished, that I had free time as them.

Caroline Richards Cormier says:

Good advice!

Ali Adat says:

Thanks for your advice. Nice hairstyle, mom won't allow me to dye my hair 🙁

Raj Tanwar says:

you are so cute!!

Walter Fernandez says:

I work a job that is mentally draining, and go to class afterwards, and find it hard to focus. I've struggled with two-course loads with a full-time job as a database manager. How do people cope with something similar to that?

Camille Hendricks says:

JOMO…Joy of missing out😂

Thandie Soppo Nsue says:

Wengie your the best!!😄😃😄😃

A Saber says:

it has taken me years to prefect my time, you are right it isnt easy

MAAN says:

really love watching your videos. your videos really makes sense and gives a lot of lessons. #wengiecorns

goki vegeta says:

Well here goes my daily anime watching 😂

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