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Time Management

Time Management
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Lecture By: Ms Richa Maheshwari, Tutorials Point India Private Limited

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Rajat Gupta says:

Thank You so much, Mam, Really Helpful #Respect

Rajat Gupta says:

4:09 Gotcha….

asari duke says:

Thank you so much this is great.

Muhammad Shahzad says:

wow its really great its help me and it will help others

Rai Hanuk says:

Well knowledgeable…

sudheer reddy says:

you are extraordinary in delivering the topics which are very useful & necessary to many.

dressing sense conveys that red is aggressive & rebellious .so it's far better to avoid that .
don't misunderstand 👍

Sanket joshi says:

the best lecture i ever seen thank you for this knowledge it's help me a lot

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