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The Key to Market Success

💙 The Unit Bias Is Real.
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00:28 Bitcoin Memes
00:52 Another VeChain Partnership
01:22 RaiBlocks and KuCoin Exchange
02:05 Digital Note
02:34 PACcoin
03:10 SiaCoin
03:53 ZoukCoin
04:34 Dan Larimer
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Nicolas Cage laughing

💬 I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.

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Crypto Daily says:

What do you guys think of this unit Bias. Real? Are you stocking up on "cheap" coins in the top 100?

David Suggitt says:

I always look forward to your videos. Funny and intelligent.

John Smith says:

Yenten is Satoshi's True Vision. One CPU One Vote.

Cryptonet Me says:

Hey guys, so after Bittrex and Binance, Kucoin will also (in around 1 week) temporarily disable new user registrations. Don't ask how or why I know just thank me by using my refcode: E3yaMu

So if you still don't have a Kucoin account, make one, or you will miss all the moon missions, because they list all the big gainers first.

Ingmar D'Amato says:

Hahahahahah best channel around.

Dennis S. says: is very interesting to buy now as it is not yet at another exchange listed and not on CMC. Very low market cap with a solid team and product (already an app even live at the iOS store). IOTA partnership may be there in future. Imho, please take a look. It is available on Bancor.

Billy Birdy says:

I can't understand why Eth keeps going up and all these ERC20 tokens keep being launched and go up when there is a fundamental scaling issue.

Fun with Turtles says:

Dan Larimer took a huge &%$§% on Cardano and called it a "peer review". Everybody who has seen a university from the inside, knows that thats not a peer review. The same is true about so called Whitepapers of most crypto projects 🙂 Its interesting how the emotions-based fighting within the crypto-familiy is performed by people like Dan Larimer – totally unprofessional – reminded me of Roger Ver and Bcash.

Steve Brule says:

Check out NULS, 3rd gen coin from china, could have 20x gains this year, it's on binance too

Soheil Daftarian says:

Top 10crypto videos ever made

IB Crypto says:

Please share your views on Snovio (SNOV)

Eddie Schneider says:

sunset: gorgeous!

oussama elgerari says:

what hapened in 2:12

Happy Shrapnel says:

I'm really hoping the 😮 face in the title image is a parody of all the shit-tubers out there…

Crypto Berlin says:

WISH- What do you think about it? They bring smart contracts to the average person which gives them a real world use case. They already have many users who love the concept. This is something we need in crypto!

iamdmc says:

zouk looks a lot like electroneum

Mike Shavo says:

4:53 Highlight of my weekend

Crypto Pirate says:

instead of wasting cryptos in lambos , so much wealth generated by early adopters which includes those who got in the summer should help those in need, maybe crypto daily should do an episode about charities that accept btc and other cryptos

加藤みずっち says:

Lol that intro, perfectly describes my situation right now~

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

Why don't you tell us what coins you like on the long term

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

Screw lambo. Am in for RE

Robert Simko says:

Nice video editing and good info! Thanks

Anyone interested in doing some coin pump. Check this out!)
It's pretty legit.

harrydixoncider says:

We have all done it and ya it’s funny

Devil says:

You are a biggest curtoon i ever seen. Just love your sense of humor.

Ty Ger says:

Unreal what is happening with $DIME…. new development team, new website, revived by the community to finish the project, 200% in a day, great volume and market cap. Poised for growth. 4k in a week? possible. $.00008 right now. What do you think? Someone let us know what's going on!

Silver Fox9 says:

It went up because they are telling people that there will be a coin burn, and the supply will decrease.
So instead of being worth zero, it might be worth double zero.

Mohammad Firoz says:

intro is damn funny bro ….lol

Future Building says:

McAfee happened to a couple of those.

jolinloler says:

clearpoll and fujicoin to the moon

Shilian says:

please review SmartMesh no one is talking about it, a few peeps asking for review, it's a really different coin totally standalone, it has some major pain points such as being able to be used offline. Thank you

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