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Survival and Prepping Self Defense Items From Battlbox

This video takes a quick look at some survival and prepping self defense items that were in battlbox mission 32. If you want to learn more about battlbox you can check them out at

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Leo Santini says:

The strike is b***** you should appeal if you haven't already

trikkeingferret says:

New alternative to facebook is but I haven't seen an alternative to YouTube.

DesolatorMagic says:

My video I uploaded 11 years ago got removed and I got a strike. Absolute utter bullshit.

Cliff McKelvy says:

I hear, as I watch these vids, several strikes given?!

Linda Wright says:

Let me start by saying thank you for your honesty and integrity in all your videos. I found all those little weapons you showed interesting, but I would not want to face a deranged killer with any of them as my only armament. Mainly, I would not want to let a killer get close enough to be within range of those little weapons and it seems to me that unless you manage to stab an attacker in the eye/or spray him in the eyes with the pepper spray during the first few seconds of an attack and immediately follow up with heads blows from a blunt instrument, inflicting shallows cuts or spraying someone high on meth is just going to make the attacker more frenzied. And those stun guns don't necessarily work as advertised in every situation either. I really prefer to do my self-defense from a distance of 25 feet or more. But that's just me — I really don't want to get within grabbing range of an attacker.

Shelly Long says:

I'm very interested in getting that basic battle box with a little knife, pepper spray, stun gun, and alarm. I've been looking for those alarms to use in a tripwire setting. Canadian prepper had some on his video but he didn't provide any links to any and I'd really like to have that stuff in that box. Is there anyway I can buy that box without being with a member and have to buy whatever crap they send me every week or month?

Jim Ferebee says:

Great video JJ. YouTube is censoring maybe as Communist might do? If anyone here can confirm then please chime in.

TOM M says:

Some neat stuff. Some likely to not meet local ordinances. I think that YT, Facebook and others of the same ilk are going to keep on exercising their political beliefs and the heck with the bulk of America and what we think. Eventually there will be viable competition to them in the form of freedom of speech. Best

John Rambo says:

Nobody has said anything about binary triggers yet. To my knowledge.

Dan B says:

Of the nine items shown, five of those would be illegal to import and would get you jailed immediately if you were found in possession of them. 2 are classed as offensive weapons, the last knife 'may' be legal to own, but would be illegal to have in a public place (it's locking !). The rape alarm is the only item that you could actually carry in this country. Welcome to the UK.

Over Watch says:

I’m ashamed of #youtube for punishing you for something you did three years ago. They should’ve at least given you a warning. They’re getting worse and worse. You should be ashamed YouTube. Smh.

Vincent Boyle says:

Great job it puts me of even thinking about getting one of these boxes.

Stephen Bradley says:

Cool stuff but being in Canada just about everything won't make it. Maybe you should get Amazon for your viewers outside U.S.A ours is

pennwoodsman says:

Geez,..YT hitting everyone up,..thanks JJ ,..hang in there!

Eric Ocasio says:

Create a different account for 90 days?

Aaron Cross says:

If you need a big chopper type knife the Tops El Chete is excellent. I chopped a 5 inch dead tree down the other day in about a minute. It was tough where it was dead but that thing just chewed it up.

jerdog3 says:

I just used your link on amazon to buys some prepper stuff I hope I only use for camping. Haha. You channel is a wealth of ideas and info. Thank you so much!

Aaron Cross says:

I wish I still had some cap-stun. That stuff was pretty good. Fun at parties.

Bumble Bee Junction says:

Stopping by to say hello… Hope all is well with you and yours… Peace brother…

57Grambo57 says:

ive noticed that other youtubers are starting to backup all their content onto twitch, may be a good idea to look into that, if not twitch then maybe something else. Facebook may be an option or twitter

Huples Cat says:

90 days in the corner for a three year old video? I'd have thought they'd be banning CNN and other channels then for encouraging mass shootings with their wall to wall breathless publicity of such.
I'm finding view counts do not match up with viewing numbers lol
YT also messing with some good people's ability to comment as well. Whatever. Keep doing the cool stuff anyhow
Apocabox only for me. Yeah I know but it is the best cash deal for me in Canada and I'm not a gun prepper and I need encouraging to do skills

gene gleeson says:


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