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Stress Management Strategies and Techniques For Mental Health – Why You Stress

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Life is stressful. But while everyday stressors are a fact of life, they don’t have to control you. Rather, with the right scientific understanding, you can actually make stress work for you instead of against you.

According to fitness and wellness consultant Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura, trying to live a completely stress-free life is a zero-sum game. The true goal of your relationship with stress is to figure out how to manage it effectively; how to use it to build and support a meaningful, resilient life.

Recent years have seen a wealth of new insights into the science of stress and its effects on our physiological and psychological health. They’re vital, powerful tools you can use to transform how you think about (and react to) stress, whether everyday stressors like traffic jams or unexpected traumas like a death in the family.

The bottom line in developing relaxation technique is, according to Dr. Bonura: “You can still find joy in this moment, in this chaos, in this life, by learning to be your own ultimate master of stress.”

With the 18 lectures of our course “How to Make Stress Work for You,” Dr. Bonura shows you how to manage and minimize the stress in your life.

You’ll learn how to identify the types of stress you’re most vulnerable to, what your current stress responses are, ways to manage your response to stress (including key behavior modifications and mental exercises), and a plethora of other relevant, practical, and even essential information on integrating stress into a healthy lifestyle.

Rooted in scientific findings from experiments, research papers, case studies, and first-hand experiences from Dr. Bonura’s life and career, this course offers you nothing less than a bold new way of facing (and appreciating) daily life.

Think of stress management as a toll road, with an initial cost to get on but with long-term savings. The strategies and techniques required to master the stress in your life take some initial work to learn—and ongoing practice to hone and strengthen. But the investment, in the long run, will end up saving you time, energy, money, and preserve your mental health.

In this free lecture: Arousal plus your value judgement equals your stress level. And what you respond to in life isn’t the raw stimuli you experience (like the traffic jam) but your perceptions of these stimuli. Explore this idea in a lecture that recasts the stress continuum as a positive – negative curve instead of a line.

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Duke says:

It's great to have some perspective, but there's no amount of positive thinking that can make scraping for everything you have a pleasant experience. Maybe people with real stress aren't your audience.

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