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Stress Management! Interview questions? Interview Tips! Residency Interview Questions

How do you deal with stress especially at the workplace? Can you work under pressure? How would you answer this question at your interview? So this is always a difficult question. Given the fact that a lot of times we have not figured out how to handle stress, and with everything going on your own life Stress Management does take a back seat. but what I’m going to discuss will probably give you the answer and also give you tips on managing your own stress. with any interview answer do you need to have a structure to it. first what I call the opening transition sentence. then you start off by acknowledging the question. then you analyze the question. Then you provide an objective answer and then you ease it up and try to act as a normal human and in the process if you can throw in a real life example then that would be the icing on the cake. so I would start off as the following: Very pertinent question, thanks for asking, so I fully agree that the medical profession is innately stressful and it is one the most demanding and stressful occupation . however I have come to appreciate and realize when I am confronted with any stressor, it may be the general time pressure and crunch or the level of difficulty that are complicated patient may present with. or it could be individual occurrences that lead to a stressful environment. one thing I have realized that during my working hours or when I am on call I take things step by step, and do things on a task by task basis. which helps me complete my work and also helps me realize that the stressful situation or the excessive workload is being handled and it will be taken care of eventually and in this manner I do not feel overwhelmed. this leads myself to be productive and calculated. this also reduces the general Stress and Anxiety that we all feel in our daily lives. basically this approach helps me perform better. and when I am not at work I try to take it easy and relax and enjoy myself and as needed take time off whenever possible. I exercise regularly and that is a way for me to distance myself from other aspects of life. but one thing I relish the most is the company of good friends at least once a week where you can laugh and Let It Go. I believe having a social life totally disconnected from work does help greatly”
Ok so I think that should cover it. but again this is my take on this question and pick what you like and discard what you don’t. but keep in mind try not to copy word to word as a lot of people will be listening and taking notes. but try to use some of this information in accordance with your own lifestyle and habits and trying to incorporate some of the ideas and points. But again the interview process itself could be a stressful situation however taking it objectively I think you may even enjoy preparing for your interview. and if you prepare well enough that would make you confident even further and confidence leads to less stress.

Stress Management! Interview questions? Interview Tips! Residency Interview Questions

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kriti taneja says:

Sir, i need your guidance. I have step 1 score of 221, step 2 231, cs first pass, 4 months of observership and 4 Lors. I applied for this match and did not get any IV. I am a IMG. What do u suggest i do for next year's match? A lot of people told me to do research but many people said that research wont add any more considerable benefit. Thankyou

angel 123 says:

Hi sir… plz can u guide me what books should i use for step 2 ck besides uworld, so i can score 240 plus… thanks

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