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Stress management

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Boris on Negative Effects of Stress on health and ways to manage stress with medical massage

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Boris Prilutsky

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Live Light with Alex Kip says:

Nice video! Way to go!!

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

Hello from Los Angeles,

Nowadays stress debilitates human health. Approximately 80% of doctor visits are stress related such as essential hypertension, aches and pains, muscular pains and many more. Massage therapy is scientifically and clinically proven as the most powerful methodology in stress management. This is the reason why we developed free stress management self=massage lessons.

Best Wishes,

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

@rbernardo1983 Yes. I received my professional training/ education at former Soviet Union and of course worked/provided massage therapy.
Best wishes.

Lina K says:

I really managed to relief my stress and anxiety. Check this out—————————­—–>w w w dealwithstresslabs com

Rrah says:

Uncle IROH!

Edgar Romero says:

the fucker has an acent, cant understand shit!

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

Dear scutterbear,

Sorry that you felt this way. We are happy that you like the short fragments, although, honestly, in order to do a serious learning one needs to watch the topic in its entirety.

We'll, certainly, consider your complaint seriously and you won't receive any more news or specials.


MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

Dear JD1985.
Your appreciation means a lot to me. thank you very much.
Best wishes.

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

continuation reply to TheRealSiriku.
It is a big difference between relaxation massage and stress management massage. on this 2hr DVD I explained the difference and most important teach step by step how to perform safe and effective techniques.If I am not mistaken price for individual DVD is $25.00
Best wishes
Boris Prilutsky

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

continuation reply to TheRealSiriku
Soon will be out my self stress management massage video. Also I would highly recommend to purchase my DVD#6 by viewing everyone can learn how to provide stress management massage just in sitting position , on silk and more. my distribution agencies offering this clearance sale before reprinting for very low price. e-mail to them and take advantage.

MedicalMassage-edu Channel says:

Dear TheRealSiriku
Thank you for kind words . Please continue to view my clips.Your descriptions of symptoms are classic anxieties symptoms but as well could be cardio insufficiency , irregularity of glucose levels in blood and more. you must see physician for testing and diagnosis. in any of mentioned abnormalities massage can play main or supportive role . please keep in mind that regular even self stress management massage will prevent developments of many abnormalities.

TheRealSiriku says:

Boris, I enjoy watching your videos, and it's great to see you on Youtube. Please keep up the good work.

I find i'm stressed to a very high level, and when I do find my heart racing, breaking out in sweat, and I assume my blood pressure would be raising during this. Would I benefit from a massage, or should I consult a doctor first?

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