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Sneak Peek: The Evidence Points To Child Abuse (The Steve Wilkos Show)

SNEAK PEEK: While Bruce was watching Erin’s young son he suffered a broken arm. Bruce is claiming that the boy was playing and must have injured himself, but doctors are pointing to child abuse! Can Steve get to the truth?

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Danielle Loftin says:

Where is the full episode?

Alejandra Rodriguez says:

dumb bitch bad mother all in one right here asked choose your son or your violent boyfriend of 4 mths and she chooses the boyfriend are you serious!!! we have a rule in our marriage no one comes before our children no one not him not me NO ONE ESPECIALLY NOT SOMEONE OF FOUR MTHS!! TAKE THAT PRECIOUS BABY AWAY FOR GOOD SHE DOESN'T LOVE HIM

Random Video Emporium says:

Incest scum!

ordonize holmes says:

Ladies can I have a attention please don't leave your children around some random guys

ypm 123 says:

The guy is clearly a sociopath . The way he's talking with lack of sympathy..

ypm 123 says:

If my bf did that to my kid not only would he not be my man but he would be a dead man

Eman Khalid says:

He said he never thought of touching the child's arm. Buttt he clearly said he was "play" fighting back. YOU MUSTVE TOUCHED HIS ARM ONCE DUMBDUMB

Jenny Duncalf says:

i was hit by a car, and broke my arm there, it is the most painful bone in the body to break, apart from the thigh bone. (Had a lot of fractures!)

Pretty Melody says:

where is the rest of Relisha Rudd !!! i want to see more i’ve been waiting

Kim Perow says:

I would never "intentionally" hurt their son's arm – says it all right there

Richard Lewin says:

I’m a bad guy wanna play with me so I can break both your arms and your legs and your neck then drop kick you in The face you little bitchhe

Adriana Aguilar says:

Let me say something,
She said she shouldn’t have to choose. DAMN RIGHT. She should not even have to think about choosing her child over anyone, let alone her bitch ass boyfriend. Damn smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

Dee Jayy says:

“I know my own strength”
You weak as shit…try playing bad guy with full grown men you twig bitch!

corie baird says:

Your a stupid bitch you do have to choose ,hey stupid you pick your child IDIOT!!!!

Kayla Blair Colgan says:

Pieces of Shit!!

Life Sucks says:

Yeah you shouldnt have to choose, because you should already know your son needs you.

Briana says:

Keeps repeating 'intentionally'

Clique Navy says:

kids over boyfriend 😤

Eitan Ramirez says:

This sounds like a movie

Boonk Gang says:

Bruh the crowd sound like the wii bowling crowd 😂

Craig Alexander says:

Yeh that’s a pulled arm break, not a rough play accident.

Young Gamerxx says:

This bitch is stupid and this man is stupid


The oh and ah of the audience irritates me

Loved By None. says:

Idk y da audience don't shut tf up 😐😒

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