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Alex Jones covers another lie by CNN about NO abuse of women in Islamic nations.
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0212003driver says:

clinton news network cnn

Gabe Hey says:

Keep your family safe, Alex. These people are despicable

Jason Oliver says:

ALEX- I just had a talk with my wife about Facebook yesterday. I told her that it even affects her she is in groups about women getting cheated on she reads about it every day and then actually reflects it on to me… I haven't left her side for a month now not even to work cause I took some time off she is still such a puppet saying I am cheating funny I walk behind her a few weeks ago and she hide her cell phone in the middle of typing a text. I blame Facebook. I also explained to her that some of these women make shit up just to get talked too. Either bots or trolls or they are lonely! she finally caught onto that and seen 2-3 people just making it up to sound better(worse) then another person! Facebook is a sick propaganda machine and it works. Especially if the person has any insecurities. They hide the real truths from users! They keep shutting you down til you stop calling people out! It's like they are your parents trying to control what you say and how you say it. Which leads into how you act and talk in real life! I personally don't have a Facebook anymore! People you need to wake up Facebook pushes sites onto the men just to try to get them to cheat! These sites pay women to make posts and put sexy pictures up and talk slutty to attract men! Most of the time the women never even answer! I know I tried them when I was single(and good looking)! I fully believe Facebook has an agenda to hurt the American family.. They want you to all be living in a work pay your bills use credit society They don't want you to have any money in the bank!

james allen says:

CNN is a Russian owned media outlet

lee v says:

This fake news about the holidays is right on track! I was caught up in it last year as I do not involve myself in this holiday stuff due to religious faith. But after years of ignoring it without any problems, last year it got to me for some reason, now I know why. I was pissed off, was hating those who have family, and very bitter. I woke up fortunately! And saw reason. How many? will not?

Mike Ries says:

Seems like a really dumb question but it has to be asked to make a point. "If nobody reports any crimes at all for a year does the crime rate go up or down?". The cop I talked to said that "not reporting a crime keeps the crime rate down". He was trying to get me to not report a car break-in. What's this got to do with the video topic? Women are afraid to report abuse in some countries.


Trump müslim 🌏☝👏👏👏👏💪

MetaKnight964 says:

And pedophiles aren't attracted to kids.

CupcakeExplosion says:

And they don't shit brown. Ever!!!

Android3008 says:

What bollocks cnn

Frank Evedzi says:

CNN is like hyenas, they attack when they sense weakness; USA’s law protecting journalists is now being misused by CNN against the country, if cnn does 1% of fake news it has being preaching in USA in China, it will be closed down, ASAP!

thatMimosaGrove says:

Talk about cognitive dissonance! I've never seen anything quite like the way the Left supports women's rights while simultaneously embracing the greatest suppressor of women's rights — Islam.

thatMimosaGrove says:

CNN = Contains No News

thatMimosaGrove says:

The MSM are "elephant-in-the-room" deniers.

Paul nmn says:

It's not abuse if it's sanctioned by the Koran!

Isaac Luscombe says:

CNN are such liars. There are DOZENS of statistics from muslim countries about harassment of women.

For example, OXFAM has the level of harassment in Afghanistan at 87%

Mrs Mac says:

You have to show blurred pics I think or none. They want you to show pics of your family and that can put them in danger. The left are morally bankrupt…

LAM 1984 says:

You always here👇

HomeValue Glass says:

One of Alex's best quotes, "The religion of peace strikes again."

ihumanity7 says:

A "mystery school"? Really… never needed that to have natural instincts.

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