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Self-Love vs Romantic Love

Do you struggle with self-love? I know I do!

A couple weeks ago I tweeted “Can’t love somebody until you love yourself” and it sparked a really interesting discussion of the importance of self-love and care in a relationship. I wanted to discuss further so I invited my friend Kati Morton over to chat a bit!

Check out the video we made on Kati’s channel here!


This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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Katie Westendorf says:

I'm sorry people were so awful to you on Twitter
You are an amazing person and you deserve only good things!

ModestGirl79 says:

Goodness people need to chill. I'm glad you covered this, and I love hearing from Kati! 💜💜💜💜

Nonbina-Ray says:

I was def one of the people who replied to your tweet disagreeing with the tweet and I think that this video did a great job of elaborating on the tweet and I now can definitely can see what the meaning was and I really agree with the message of this video. Thank you for elaborating!!

lemon squeezer says:

i hate myself whoop z

Melted Chedar says:

Thank you so much this helped me out alot.

Peytons pick says:

I am glad you posted this! There are so many toxic relationships and it's so lonely compared to be just alone and love yourself

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

Happy Sunday, thanks for watching.

Davide Mura says:

Oh god Hannah your hands are so TINY.

SSJKenpachiZaraki says:

Thank you so much for making this video. I saw those comments and thought they were absolutely ridiculous to think you were trying to shut down the people who don't love themselves or feel like they can't. It was bizzare, I couldn't believe it because they attacked you for a quote they misinterpreted. I'm glad you bought Katie on to explain what you meant in video form. It really means a lot.

PigInPJs says:

maybe "you can't love someone until you love yourself" should be "sometimes the best way to love someone else is to love yourself" instead. I feel that is closer to what people actually mean when they say it and it still sound like a motivational poster if thats what you're into

emynemy says:

I was really looking forward to this video! I really appreciate your thoughts and Kati's thoughts on the matter, and I understand a lot more where you were coming from with your tweet. I do agree that a healthy relationship comes from self love and loving each other. Twitter is hard sometimes to express complete thoughts, so I really love that the discussion came to YouTube. Thank you:)

Emma the FANGIRL says:

Hannah !!!!

This was so inspiring and amazing!
The content was beautiful and important.
But, your response to a possibility dramatic situation was so mature and and intelligent and productive and healthy.
I know that's a lot of adjectives but we need more content like this in the world

Thanks for existing!!

theroadtobeauty says:

If someone apologized to me directly the way Hannah apologized in this video I’d be pretty upset. You can’t please everybody, so if you’re going to bother apologizing you may as well take the time to express yourself in a way that seems sincere. 🤷‍♀️

Also, having mental illness doesn’t absolve anyone from saying inconsiderate things. Mental illness is such a broad category that it’s em hard to appreciate everyone’s individual struggles.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the message that prioritizing others over yourself is unhealthy. But recognizing that a lot of people struggle on the daily with loving themselves and are still duly capable of loving others won’t hurt you. Regardless of what you meant, it’s still technically what you said. Maybe blunt statements and clapping emojis on Twitter isn’t the best method of delivery next time?

Macy Gorman says:

I think it's absolutely possible to not totally love yourself and love someone else, but the focus shouldn't be on loving only the other person. I also don't think that the primary focus should be on loving only yorself, but on helping yourself and loving your partner at the same time. This wasn't the most articulate thing I've written, but I hpoe you understand.

Willy Loman says:

Hmm. When I was diagnosed for depression and anxiety in 2002 I took "you can't love others before you love yourself" to mean "you shouldn't try to find love". I thought I would be a burden and risk to everyone. That's a lot of time wasted in a misunderstanding.

Celine Tholath says:


Sadye Chester says:

Love this video. Great topic. One question is the background music The Doogie Houser tv show theme?

healingthoughts says:

People don't love unconditionally, otherwise they wouldn't get upset – if you are coming from a place of love, there is no place for anger. So your original message was correct, but broken people react the only way they are able to at that time in their life.

Aesonis says:


Aie Thought says:

This is a really important topic, and I think you handled it really well. It was really helpful to hear what you had to say about it

Charlotte Ashley says:

I just learned a LOT about myself

emjebri says:

"Fill my void"
 That's what she said

Bettie Turner says:

every move a sphinx kitty makes looks like it is planning to take over the world…. even climbing on a shoulder

Linina Crowne says:

I love that you came back and made a video about this important topic since there was so much frustration about the topic within your fan base. Appreciated! Good content!

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