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Self Help Fest Aftermovie (2014 West Coast Edition)

A look back at Self Help Fest 2014 (West Coast Edition) on March 22nd featuring A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, The Story So Far, Memphis May Fire, Attila, The Word Alive, Stick To Your Guns, Issues and more!

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this is my favorite show i ever went to !!!!

bmtherik says:

year 3 out of 3 this Saturday ;D ayyeeee.

_ MyM4 _ says:

What time do the doors open every year?

Dyllan Morrow says:

What time did self help end last year?

mario herrera says:

this video makes me realize how happy i was to be there

Kiddo Des says:

I know that kid who's singing in the very beginning!! he has his own band called shot in the dark… he's a rad little dude!

Anonymous says:

MARCH 19, 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Jesse Bartlett says:

ADTR came up with self help, didn't they?

Minnie Phoenix says:

Guys, I posted a vlog of this year's Self Help, it'd be super awesome if you checked it out :3 It was an amazing day and I can't wait to go again next year!

jkuma says:


Jezebel Barraza says:


Samantha Gomez says:

Yay Cant Wait To Go On The 7th…..Round 2 :DD

Liz Sanchez says:

Last year was f*cking amazing !!! Can't wait this Saturday!!!!!!?

Bree Nexus says:

Coming all the way from Oklahoma to see this show!

Victoria Murakami says:

8 more days until self help fest 2015, <3 I'm so excited. 

Alex Walker says:

Kinda disappointed that ADTR ain't preforming

AlternativeWonderland says:

Best. Day. Ever. I can't wait to go again on March 7th. It was definitely worth going. And it's in my hometown haha.

DaniBlah Cx says:

Going to San Bernardino show foshoo, first year going , excited ! 😁

TysonIsKetchy says:

i remember i crowd surfed and someone socked me on the stomach on purpose, fucking leave the bad vibes at home

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