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Self Defense vs. Revenge

This is an excerpt from the full sermon “Jacob’s Last Words:”

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UltraViolentLight says:

Ted Bundy was pretty cool.

T & T says:

CULT! Steve Anderson is labeled nationally a hate-group. He is banned from entering some other countries because of his hate-speech. Steve Anderson incites hate speech and violence. He asked for the murder of homosexuals. He said, OBVIOUSLY HITLER DID SOME THINGS THAT WERE GOOD." AND, BLAMES THE JEWS FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD. HE NEVER WAS ORDAINED BY ANYONE OR CHURCH OR institution or governing board.

abcmole says:

What if the evil doer is protected by the state itself, and the evil is allowed to continue unabaited and without recourse? Does the good Christian stand by and allow the evil, waiting for GOD to exact justice meanwhile more innocents are being harmed or worse?
Can sometimes justice and revenge be the same dish, even when served cold?

Mikko Lopez says:

Ian Lev
Says the reprobate.

Mikko Lopez says:

Ian Lev
Go back to your father the devil, you reprobate.

Eusthenopteron says:

I thought Jesus taught “turn the other cheek”?

Michael Wirt says:

I think revenge has gotten a bad rap. God works through men. Who's to say that a father who puts his daughter's murderer through an industrial meat grinder isn't doing the work of Him?

eric5335 says:

How about under God's system in the Old Testament of going to the judges as a victim and getting them to revenge for you?

Tabor 7 says:

Yes, Revenge is wrong. But it must be noted that there is difference between "Kill" and "Murder." Biblically speaking, "Kill" is legal execution while Muder is illegal execution. All the details can be seen in my small youtube video "Mainstream tactic No Kill to establish New world order."

Ian Lev says:

I can't buy this. In 1960 Israel identified the location of Adolph Eichman- the architect of the holocaust. Was he suppose to die of old age? I don't think so. There is a time to turn the other cheek and then there is a time for an eye for an eye. After the Eichman incident Nazi war criminals were never comfortable. I think their actions warranted this response.

Awake All Ye Nations says:

Amen to that

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