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Self Defense FOR DUMMIES

With great power comes great responsibilioteca.


Edited by Steven Suptic “Lord of Thunder”

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Eli.mp4 says:

Can anyone provide a link or name of the background music playing at the start? I would like to use it for future projects but I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance

It's All Good says:

Wonderful aesthetic

Dalton Grant says:

I miss this channel so much

St.Sasquatch says:

"Life isn't a journey, it's a prison".

name name says:

please more self defense videos

ZestyManifesto says:

god this is my favorite

Potato Life says:

when u leave the stove on u say ah shit

Caleb Claro says:

raper. LOL supose to be rapist

Cameron Knox says:

Make more!!!

Nerd Izzy says:


BigNig YaDig says:

One of my favorite videos

Natalie Allen says:

I want 100 videos like this

Ryan Wells says:

what's the background music they use?

MFGizmo says:

Steven has showed me all the ways I can defeat everyday rapists and Reina's in warm coats.. My life is complete… Senpai notice me…

Taylor Telles says:

ow, i mean aaaoooow

Platnium Flames says:


Sethfilms says:

It doesn't need to be said. We really want more.

Braeden Lundgren says:

reaina looks like felicity from arrow +reina scully

Matthew Bernard says:

Every third person to like this is an angry feminist, flagging this video for promoting violence on woman.

Sunshine says:

This video gave me weird ass dreams. It was awesome.

Cloud Man says:

this is butifull

Michelle Golyan says:

What the fuck did I just watch… I love it.

Felipe BN says:

i'm can't stop laughing 3:51

Xanthanarium says:

all the things I watched as a kid used to be on VHS

fiore3ky says:


Isabella Payan says:

1:36 white whip

della says:

10/10 dad is gone

Danielle Couette says:


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