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Scarred Child Abuse Survivor Dresses as Batman to Raise Money for Victims

More from Inside Edition:
On Giving Tuesday, one man put up his own Bat-Signal and asked ordinary people for their help. Keith Edmonds of Tennessee dressed as Batman and waved to people from the roof of a business. It was his way of asking for money for his foundation, which helps victims of child abuse. Edmonds is a survivor, himself. He says he spent the majority of his life trying to cope with his abuse.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more.

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cheristar says:

Hearing what happen to him, makes me angry. Glad he's making a difference.

chad harding says:

If I dress up as Darth Vader and tell you all I was fingered will you give me some cash too?

Fire Lord777 says:

Did someone donate $100 in that jar?! Must be a great person.

TheAddictedGamer says:

He should have been deadpool

Cancermeme O says:

True Bruce Wayne

Ernesto Estrada says:

Child Abuse is when you abuse a child and it traumatizes them, leaves them marks. Discipline is hitting a child to teach them or as punishment but not too badly. I've been whooped with the belt and I honestly think I deserved So think before you speak certain people.

Gregarious Nebulous says:

Was child services around that time when he was abused lol

Jennifer Mercado says:

Hmmn reminds me of Deadpool…

Mickey Mouse says:

Aww all child abusers should just go and die

Ryann Moore-Harris says:

I’m so sorry good idea for the fun raiser

Gabriella Garcia says:

Aww so sad even he got abused

TripleThreat VN says:

Not DeadPool?

Momma G says:

May OUR Father continue to bless His child and use Him in ways as He did His First Born!!!

no name says:

Na na na na na blackman

The Chef says:

He still looks good

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