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Rifle-Caliber Pistols for Self Defense?

Jim slings lead with the beautiful and deadly MCX Virtus while waxing poetic about it’s effectiveness as a HD weapon.

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Gadsden Viper says:

Doesn't the can negate the purpose for choosing a pistol because of the extra length?

C Kim says:

Your braced pistol is longer than my 16" Tavor. With a suppressor it's OMG that's long. Question is are we indoors self defense or outdoors like in the video? Outdoors or Indoors non-suppressed Tavor.

Fun With Guns says:

As always, some of the best quality content for guns on the tube. Thanks for all the hard work!

Pinche Gringo says:

(Commenting befire the video ends). But imo shotguns are the best home defense weapon. Double 0 buck buck is less likely to go through multiple walls.

Jeremy Orr says:

How does the 458SM do in a short Barrel

J W says:

what is the change in velocity when suppressed?

Brandon Black says:

50 cal for Self Defense is way better

toecutter says:

Link for those sights?

Custom Edge Works says:

Great video! 300blk or go home.

Shootin' with Uncle Dan says:

Nice sorry I'm late to the party. Killed 7 hogs this evening. Tired of skinnin'. Ya'll swing by the channel when you get a chance.
Uncle Dan out!

Kenton Miles says:

DRT made a pretty good 55gr

Geoff Tac says:

Suppressors are a way to reduce muzzle blast, but you are increasing the overall length and severely increasing the overall cost of the weapon. I did a video on a muzzle break that will greatly mitigate the muzzle blast, recoil, and sound. You can see my review of the item I am referring to here.

J Starr says:

Pretty sweet rig. Good to know how the shorter barrel and suppressor affects the 5.56 round. MCX sweet. saw a youtube video where a guy attached an M16 lower on one and the Parker Mountain Machine auto-sear trip bar and it functioned at like 850 rpm he said.

All Games says:

If all you have are rifle cartridges, go for it, however a pistol caliber braced pistols would be better.

G. Brent Wilson says:

Nice commercial. But no….

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