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Rescued Dog Gets Hats From Around The World To Cover Her Abuse Scars | The Dodo

Rescued Dog Gets Hats From Around The World To Cover Her Scars | This dog lost an ear when someone used her as “bait.” But when people around the world heard her story, they started sending her the most adorable little hats. You can keep up with Abigail’s new life on Facebook: To help her rescuers save more dogs, you can support Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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David Snow says:

Abby's mom is hot.

AN Morgan says:

Adorable Abigail and her many hats!!! So sweet!!!

《Azure Plume》 says:

Abigail is such a lovely doggo. ♡

권망고 says:

Got the prettiest eyes ever seen.

Heriberto Herrera says:

OMG how could some use a dog as bait that is just wrong.I feel so bad for this dog.Hope you feel better doge 🐶.

Jesus Mendoza says:

The best thing ive seen all week,I’ll be sending a hat my self

KatherineLPS Amador says:

hay que bueno que la salvaron y la adoptaron

KatherineLPS Amador says:

hay que bonita

loveforeignaccents says:

Glad she was rescued!! What a sweet beauty and so cute w/her hats/headbands!

Andrea Witt says:

Thank you so much for rescuing her. She is adorable!

Tarra Sage says:

Im online at The Dollar Tree sobbing at what a beautiful story this is, God Bless to all the heroes that took part in the rescue and rehabilitation of Abigail.
May u have a long wonderful and fulfilling life sweet girl. ❤❤❤

Emmy 214 says:

The fact that Abigail can trust humans and other dogs again is a far livelier thing than all her hats put together. XoXo to Abigail and her new family.

fief139 says:

Im not crying youre crying

Dave D says:

She's an angel

windycitycrew21 says:

Pitbulls are nothing to be afraid of they are good with kids actually

a1228a says:

Always good watching happy stories. Abigail you are beautiful! Thanks, @The Dodo.

Debarshi Majumdar says:

Love it channel the most

Gerry Ross says:

She is beautiful. I love her headbands ❤️❤️❤️🔥

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