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Relationship Abuse, Warning Signs, Lady Shea Vs. Lansky


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STAR IN THE MORNING is the official return of Troi Torain aka STAR to morning radio. The ground-breaking, luminary who inspired generations of free-thinkers via his objective philosophy. Inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time, STAR now re-enters the landscape with a new media model.…

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elliot classen says:

Salute to Star for toning it down..

elliot classen says:

Shampoo is getting much better on the tube. Very informative πŸ‘Œ

elliot classen says:

Great show🎯

Garland Hughes says:

Lansky corny and I see him and Star parting ways soon.

RioJo 233 says:

Lansky look like he got AIDS and needs a nutriment shake

SplashWaveFX Beats says:

Lady Shea look like Faizon Love with a wig on

LaJuan Heard says:

Lansky sounds like a pink Caucasian cave beast calling Shea black! I get it though because black crackas do exit!

Randy Washington says:

For the first time, someone took a bullet point seriously and displayed passion, thanks Lady shea.

akhere akhuemokhan says:

No9 and Lanksky are some East Coast homos

cun7us says:

Lansky's got a jarring voice, talks too loudly and acts like a 17 year old. Star get this fool ass nigga off the show.

Smodarolla West CLE says:

Lanskys a bozo. Fake lame fronting for stars approval

Gdubbz says:

Lansky gives women tune-ups? Oh puhleez

Mr. Agnew says:

Shea blames women then after lansky and drip blame women she says why are we blaming women

Christopher Chapman says:

Lady Shea is speaking the TRUTH! Women need to power down a notch and stop trying to piss men off usually for no reason and taking things wayyyy too far. Like she said let us be the protector and RESPECT us! And lansky preaching that word yet again play on playa!

Maafa 1619 says:

Lansky is a boring no-personality-having nigga. I turn off the show as soon as I hear his broke ass on the mic. And Lady Shay is worthless. Get rid of these turds.

Mr Tibbs says:

Lansky practices what he's gonna say in the mirror before he gets on the show.


@16:4016:57 I see why I fuck with STAR so heavy, ummmmmmmm


Fatha Truth says:

Black is beautiful, melanin is going for $386 an ounce on the open market, what's white and patsy going for???

Fatha Truth says:

Hispanic ain't nothing but an Afrakan that doesn't want to identify as an Afrakan.

Mr Tibbs says:

if only Special K could sound like Lady Shea.

London Taylor says:

It's absolutely true, stupid people sometimes need to take a dirt nap.. What a stupid way to go out

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