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reading hate comments (bc i have low self esteem)

reading hate comments (because i have low self esteem)

i apologize for my last video being realllllly cringey. since you guys really didn’t like it, i was able to gather up many many hate comments. (there were like 600+ more but i obviously couldn’t fit that into one video)

thank you so much for 8k subscribers !! i am so overwhelmed by the support.

please watch til the end for some spicy mental breakdowns feat. sabrina.

if u watched til the end you’re a real one.

– intro: bts – mic drop remix feat. desiigner & steve aoki
– longing – joakim karud
– dizzy – joakim karud
– jou beats – brasil
– kahoot – lobby theme
– bts – dna instrumental
– one direction – if i could fly
– outro: poppy – let’s make a video

ig: @radieos
spotify: @ayyeitssab
wattpad: @softests

love u
– sabrina

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sab says:

so i don't have a name for my sabscribers and need a little help. comment your suggestions down below.

Malagator Gaming says:

Barbecue sauce on my make of thneedville nipples over my humongous hair sack pls ;(

Bunny Baby says:

U are so funny!!! Ily so much your videos make me laugh!! Keep making them please or I will DIE

Alexis Peno says:

You sound like Crona from Soul Eater, btw love your channel😭.

justafinnwolfhardfangirl says:

You look like dora……(plz add me or shout me out in a hate comment i wanna laugh at myself)

DIY With Queen Victoria says:

Name For Sabscribers- Sassy Sab Fans

Patrick N says:

most of the comments didn't even make ANY sense 😂

zainab liaqat says:


The Adorable Tatocat says:

When you're such a great actor that you can also edit yourself crying because you can't cry on command like good actors. (Lmao the girl who said "good actor THAT'S SARCASM")

Rose McFeters says:

for all those haters out there stop it get help

Rose McFeters says:

for all those haters out there stop it get help

Terminux W says:


Asianprincess . says:

Mic drop aaayyyeeeee 😂😂😂😂and DNA

apoorva says:

i can taste the salt from here

blurryliine says:

lmfao i don't even know why people are judging your name bc sab is honestly such an aesthetically pleasing name ily you're fucking hilarious

Delisha Sharma says:


TheMini Maker says:

I almost died and peed myself at "You are fajr"

Nati Riv says:

Where is your choker that was in the last video from its sooo cute ❤❤

Dustin says:

Marry me? 💍

Delisha Sharma says:

that intro. stop trying to copy Liza

Q u e e n says:

Yesss what a queen you are sabrina you are a beautiful person ❣

sabrina lol says:

oh hey we have the same name and we act so similar lmAO

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