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Quicken Starter Edition 2017 Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

Start taking control of your money. Download your bank transactions and categorize them in one place

Product Features

  • Imports all your bank transactions safely and automatically. No need to jot it all down or save receipts
  • Categorizes all your transactions and puts them in one place. Know how much you’re spending without jumping from website to website to add it all up
  • Create a flexible budget that works for you
  • Get started in minutes by simply entering your bank account information. We do the rest
  • No need to worry about security. We make sure your information is unreadable as it passes over the internet using robust 128-bit and 256-bit encryption

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Barry L. Beal says:

Quicken Starter Edition 2017 Disaster As long time quicken user (over 15 years) I wanted to upgrade from Quicken 2014 to a new version that worked better under Windows 10 now that my desktop was running at 4K resolution (Quicken 2014 works fine at 1080p standard resolution but the top menus don’t display well at 4k – scaling issues and you have to stretch out the quicken window to near full screen to use the Check register etc at 4k). You can’t at all use your old Deluxe data with this version – it forces you to log into your…

Bill M. says:


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