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PS4 Update 5.50 – PS4 Pro Supersampling Mode, Play Time Management & More Features!

Many new features in update 5.5, but are they all that important? Here are my thoughts!
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The PS4 is getting its new yearly half update with update 5.50. 5.5 is a new patch that brings PS4 Pro Supersampling Mode (like a PS4 Pro Boost Mode but for resolution), Play Time Management, Library UI Changes, Quick Menu Updates, PS Now changes, notifications, custom wallpapers via USB and much more. But where are the PSN Name Changes, PS1 & PS2 Backwards Compatibility and other features we had hoped for? Here are all the details of the new features and my thoughts. Enjoy! Thx for watching 🙂

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RobinGaming says:

Sadly not many interesting features to look forward to, but then again it's all about the games now I'd say. Let me know what you think of the update and if there's anything that you find useful! 🙂

Teshigi Smith says:

I thought the super sampling mode was to upscale the resolution to a 1440p look for people on 1080p TVs. Not downscale. Because for people that already have Pros and dont have 4K TVs certain games like Horizon already are downscaling that 4K image to 1080p. And other games like Bloodborne which haven't gotten a Pro patch wouldn't be downscaling they would be trying to upscale to increase that graphical fidelity.

Koalaty Rebel says:

All I would ever need is 1080p (maybe even 60fps) recording, 720 is just a sad number compared to what the PS4 is capable of

Bryan Siv says:

If there’s no name change the update is irrelevant.

YABO Entertainment says:

What i want PlayStation to add:

1. PSN Name change option!!!
2. Backwards compatibility (not gonna happen)
3. Inviting friends to your party through the quick menu.
4. Ability to capture a screenshot without going to the annoying share menu.

Matt van den bergh says:

Play time already existed didn't it? Like on my vita i remembered something like this.

Johnny Wesker says:

i really wish that they can let us change the PS4 theme music when selecting a custom background
that damn PS4 music started to get annoying LOL (and yes i know how to turn it off, i'm talking about a custom music here)

sorry for my english if there's anything wrong in my grammar 🙂

Potter13579 says:

I just wanna be able to alphabetize my games in my trophy collection again.

David Prodigy says:

Almost sounds like it's the new Discman!

Josef Alaalatoa says:

Thanks for the…..Update? …okay I'll show myself out

PlayStation gamer says:

I like the hide Applications feature and the Delete notifications so you can delete old notifications that are like months old
One picture I would like to be added before 5.5 gets released a Data usage in networking for people that have data caps

Haku says:

It is a small thing, but I would really like a "statistics feature" depicting one's playtime of each and every game. The Wii U has it (and I think the Switch as well?) and I enjoy taking a look at what games I played at a certain month or just in general how much time I have spent with my games. They even have stats like these at the end of every year, don't they? They might as well make an actual feature out of it. 🙂

JesusChristIt’sJasonBourne says:

Name change will never come.

Arian Kistemaker says:

Thx for the Information

Gambit896 says:

Awesome video and content as ever Robin 🙂 keep up the stellar work as ever man!.

Hideo Stranding says:

I’m currently gaming on a 4K screen, so nothing important to see here. Hope we’ll be able to change our name soon, but hey I’ve been saying that for 4 years so I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

It'z Blackace says:

I want to see how many hours I’ve played a game

strangefruit LiveStreams says:

Maybe delete all the shit on your library ?

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