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Primitive technology with survival skills Wilderness searching for groundwater (water well) part 1

Primitive technology searching for groundwater is our next video. In this video we dug water well to get the soil for the foundation, take the sand and get water from well. We dig wells with a diameter of 1.5 m2 deep 1.9m. We encountered groundwater at a depth of 1.3m. I spent a lot of time digging this well and will finish it in the next video. We will make videos on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to watch the latest videos. Thank you.

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Survival Skills Primitive says:

We dig the wells to get the soil for foundation, take small sand and get water. We will finish it in the next video. Thank you.

WeJn says:

I heart very people .They singing

Don Russell says:

once that hole is chest deep, better either brace the walls or have a buddy with a shovel watching you every second. the walls can collapse, compress your chest and kill you pretty damned quickly.

Yuses Kid says:

How long your make the hole..?

Oleksii Kropachov says:

Стены надо укреплять в любом случае.

강선구 says:

햐 땅하고 진흙 좋네…

Robert Tee says:

dat ass in the thumbnail

M /B says:

Super one 👌🏼

M /B says:


Skylar LacyBookworm says:

You should keep that as a covenant well.

THΣlement says:

Who thought it was a chicken lol

Qiu Xin says:


SuperPenguin5495 says:

You guys are probably fuckin brolic from all that digging/moving soil

James Reilly says:

Wow the new Minecraft 2 trailer looks great

James Arte says:

Wow, that was a mighty effort. That ground made you fight for every bowl of earth & clay.
Fascinating to see the water practically flowing into the well, and at such a short depth.

Mark Versille says:

3:36 did you see the coin slot?

معمر القذافي says:

ليت من يعمل كذا👆

Артем Полянчук says:

The pot and the shit scoop and prepare food in it)))))

Swift Voidz says:

Looks like liquid metal

NimyX 》 says:


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