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Primitive technology with survival skills Wilderness making beeswax candles

Hi. making beeswax candles is our next video. In this video we use primitive technology to make beeswax candles. Initially we took the beeswax then we bain-marie. The melting temperature of beeswax is 65C. We obtained beeswax to make candles after boiling. Wax candles are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We will continue to make videos on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Register your channel to follow the latest videos. Thank you.

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Survival Skills Primitive says:

Beeswax candles are very environmentally friendly. Beeswax has a melting temperature of 65. We have to bain-marie to get clean wax. Direct cooking with fire will make the beeswax evaporate.

Survive Alone says:

Мне кажется или соты расположены не в улей, нет пчел, да и соты четырехугольные слишком ровные как будто с пасека взято.

Zachary Angel says:

Should you guys make a window and a cheminy in your brick house !?

Raul Arteaga says:

Saludos desde mexico !! Exelente video 😘

诈骗岛狗食屎啦 says:


Dado Pachuau says:

Great video. We used to make those bees wax too. It's also good for sticking something too.

Andy Vu says:

Cố gắng nhé

Joseph Doogan says:

My obvious guess is that it was hung in a tree to dry, and I don't see anywhere they say that harvesting was part of the vid .. I'm guessing some little girl guides dreams are crushed lol

Mary Jane says:

6:42 lol that looks like a turd.
cool video

shexdensmore says:

Hey, looks like you now have perfect fire starter material now as well

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