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Primitive technology with survival skills Wilderness build house Roman part 3

Hi. We continue to build house Roman part 3 in this video. By primitive technology we did a lot of bricks and took a lot of sand in the stream to make this video. We had a main door and two windows. We will make the door for the door. We will complete the house in the following video. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to keep track of the latest videos. Thank you.

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Survival Skills Primitive says:

We made this video when it was raining. But it did not affect the work, we still finished the video. Thank you for watching the video, remember to leave a comment.

Michael Miller says:

Are these bricks fired?

Matt Vliet says:

Hey Guys! Love the Channel. When you are all done. Soak sea water into the bricks and mortar when it is completely dry and set. This will complete the bond just like the Romans did.

Jovan A. says:

Great video! Bad ending.. :/

Business Man says:

No micromanagement, I love it!!
Just great team work. Good upload

Anon says:

After that stone foundation is built, a Wooden second and third story could be added that have a larger footprint cantilevered over the foundation. This would be an efficient use of the stone foundation.

Adil Choudhury says:

I wish you had captions or subtitles explaining everything that you are doing, it would make it much easier for someone like me to understand what you are doing. Thanks

Isle of Wight Bushcraft says:

Did you need planning permission 😂lol. Really good work.

Camila Santos says:

Manoo eles são muitooo bom eles já dá para sobreviver sozinho

Gary Douglass says:

Get a bigger bucket for the well 🤔

Hugedickerino Kripperino says:

Minecraft irl

treeheadz says:

Well done boys not a bad effort but the way you where Laying those blocks made me cringe, you have a lot of the basics of building but you have some pretty big gaps in your knowledge and skills. Invest some time in a gauge next time so your courses stay consistent and make a grove in the centre of the bed of the joints so the muck moves inward not out sides you will see a lot more stability when you put the blocks down it can't wobble.

Kitchissime says:

you guys rock

Self Reliance Prepping says:

I like your page but give credit to Primitive Technology if your going to use his video style. & your titles seem 'click baitish'

Russ says:

Dont bite primitive technology you lame ass copy cat.

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