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Primitive technology with survival skills Wilderness build house Roman part 1

Hi. Primitive technology with survival skills Wilderness building house Roman is our next video. In this video we have built the foundation of the Roman house. Initially we cleaned up a ground. We took the wire and measured the size of the house. By the wild survival skill we have obtained the right angle of the house. Then we dig up foundation and mix mortar. we had the first layer of mortar then we laid the brick to build the foundation and took the bamboo to make the nivo balance. We have lost so much to finish the foundation of the house. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to watch the latest videos. Thank you.

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Survival Skills Primitive says:

will take quite a long time to complete. we have to make a lot of brick.

Christian Womack says:

what are you filming with a potatoe

Twobrothers CHANNEL says:

they need that youtube money tho

Alif Axn says:

modern survival primitive tools

Ara Nalbandian says:

Come up with an original idea, assholes

Patrick Star says:

atleast if your going to rip off someone elses channel make something different

Almightyrastus says:

Why not just use the 3,4,5 Pythagorean method for squaring your corners? You have cord and sticks, you can use the same set of cord and sticks for each corner, no need for cutting different lengths and introducing more errors that way.

NestiusHD says:

Why are people always complaining about videos about primitive technology that aren't from the channel "Primitive Technology"? Just let them do their hobby and if they want to upload videos about it on YouTube, then that is how it is. It's not like "Primitive Technology" invented videos/primitive technology.

Ru sh says:

What kind of Fluid is the white stuff?

Liptoon Launchpad says:

why many people are not happy?
this is good video

Patrik Laine says:

Sounds of bird chirping uploaded in post production

Garrett Holloway says:

These guys are just copying Primitive Technology
Well with their spin but still

D&M Productions says:

When u and ur homie are playing minecraft and u need to make a house before the monsters start spawning

Karla Nováková says:

Your style of constuction is for warm regions only. Once temperature drops bellow freezing point of water in the soil Your foundation will crack because it is not deep enough.

Arash Sharifi says:

Oohhh … minecraft multyplayee

vince gee says:

i keep expecting to see a bamboo spirit level being used 😉 nice work fellas * i spoke to soon, 30 seconds later you guys actually brought one into play 😉

Whoami_ Ja says:

Таджики строители епта

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