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Personal Finance Goals for 2017, Did We Meet Them?

Today we are talking about our personal finance goals for 2017 and whether we met said personal finance goals or not…. It is almost 2018 and in this video, I review each one of the financial goals we set for 2017. I will go over them one by one and tell you if we reached them all or not. Spoiler alert…we did not reach all our money goals for 2017.

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Carolyn Hiscock says:

47 % is an excellent number !

Connie Porter says:

You were awesome this year!! My favorite video of yours that I can remember (besides the ultimate collab) was when Mauricio got his job. 🙂

Patricia Hernandez says:

47% is really good so people don't get close to that. 2017 sucked for me but not financial had 3 family members from my dads side die. So if nothing happens in 2018 I will be very happy.

PrudentJoy says:

47% is close enough to 50% for me! You guys did great!

Modern Budget Curl says:

You guys are doing great and 47% to debt is outstanding especially with all the things that came up this year and that you had to cash flow. Can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for you and your family.

budget dutchie says:

I am so excited to see you rock on in the next year!

Dani Hat says:

WE MADE IT!!! Our goal was to make it half way through BS3 by January1. Just this morning my husband made the money move. It was always a tight goal and at times seemed impossible, but we pulled it out at the end and I am so ecstatic.

Things are going to slow down this year because we have other obligations to save for, but WoW. This feels amazing.

Congrats on hitting your goals this year. I'm so excited to see what next year brings for you.

Carole Austin says:

You are doing great!!!

Freedom In A Budget says:

Hahaha I love the outtakes!! Sorry for texting you!!
Congratulations again to Mauricio!! 🎉🎉

Freedom In A Budget says:

Thank you so much for inviting me to this Collab!!
2017 was overall a good year financially!

Sharon C says:

Holy crap Wendy. You had a fabulous year!! By the way, you met ME in 2017, so how could it not be good????? 🙂 xoxo

Heather Mayfield says:

Looks like a good financial year, sorry it has felt tough BUT I am looking forward to seeing you move into your own home in 2018. I am enjoying your journey – bit like One Big Happy I like that you live a little too.

Deborah o says:

Nothing to do with your video but I know in previous videos you’ve mentioned you colour your own hair, it’s a beautiful colour I was just wondering what products you used? Love your videos and congrats on reaching most of your goals you’ve done brilliantly xx

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