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NBC Covered Up Matt Lauer’s Abuse Of Women For 10 Years, Now Learn Why They Really Fired Him

Matt Lauer’s dismissal over sexual harassment allegations is bringing fresh attention to a 2012 clip in which Katie Couric said the NBC host’s most annoying habit was to “pinch me on the ass a lot.”

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Carol Harris says:

Why shouldn't Franken resign? At least Conyers had some credibility from his civil rights activism. Franken is just an old, immature politician.

Blue Eyed Devil says:

The war on men continues.

Schlumbucket Returns says:

"The motor's runnin'. She wants to go." LOL.

Ron Dosmann says:

He tried to eat out Meredith Vieira's ass right on tv

J Stewart says:


CJ Miller says:

Matt went to rehab some years ago. For sex addiction. Mayb 10 years ago.

Shane Delahunty says:

Somewhere in America, Tom Cruise is smiling.

Carl Carlson says:

Shinny Object – look – look

levon synclr says:

Matt Lauer was the guy who put HRC on the spot in that infamous interview where he went off script and asked real questions, HRC was enraged. Is it possible he is being set up since HRC said she wanted him fired. Just sayin'. Both things could be true, but it's not beyond the pale to think SHE may still wield some influence……..

Truth Lives says:

Brimg yourself here now! Yoi are hurting yoirself and a large group of reality

Aleph-Tav Unutterable says:

Evil eventually divides against itself until it is completely destroyed. There is no loyalty with evil it is purely ego driven and is about survival of self

PaulBodyBuilder says:

This is Lucerfirian. They worship satan

Truth Lives says:

You and the pthers come here now. Ypu really need to listen. Just be friendly, and say hello were jere. Whats up. And ill say let me sgow you this. And well have a noce prpffessional conversation.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

I thought Matt Lauer was a Fagg

mikemoair says:

but today, Kati's pooper is not so perky? BLAH HA HA……..where is she these days man?

greendragn says:

((((MATT LAUER))))

mitchell jensen says:

Lmao keep your moter running head out on the highway

JoshuaSr33 says:

Time to burn down the Hollywood sign as a display of its end to come. Start with the beacon, none shall find the destination. Take away thy destination, no beacon shall be needed.

Shut it down!

Jacob Siegel says:

Matt lauer, frooty limosuine liberal. Im honestly surprised that he likes women.

Tom Parshall says:

I wonder if George Stepenopolis is getting worried?

Mr Wheels says:

Hellfighters John Wayne


What a load of Tosh the women are at it too – if she touches you that's OK

FLOATER cosmos says:

You mention every body of water except swamp. Lol

Sheikh Prada says:

can you report on slaves in libya and what going on in yemen

gmc4jc74 says:

Info Wars – Owen Shroyer


Guys like Lauer have been giving men a bad reputation for years, very much a poor roll model, glad to see him go.

KittyP33084 says:

Caught at the bottom of swamp. Gotta drain it !

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