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My Crippling Low Self Esteem

My crippling low self esteem, how it effected me and how I moved forward towards a positive and happy life! It may seem trivial but I just want to give some advice to people going through the same thing… this was over 5 years ago for me now.

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J. K. says:

You've never needed make-up. You're always been beautiful. So glad you're finally seeing it. Not to mention the incredibly happiness you give is such a fabulous thing. Awesome doesn't even cover it. Lots of love.

Robin Beckett says:

Elly you are amazing. Ignore the haters. Message me sometime.

Marko MSX says:

Don't wear makeup in future videos! You are absolutely astonishing, and it's surprising that I see you without makeup for the first time and you look beautiful! <3

Autism Gamer Lil Jon says:

Elly I know how you feel about self esteem issues and depression when I was in highschool i was very depressed I thought I was a useless loser that wouldnt amount to anything because of my disability. but than I realized something I realized that I don't have to be the popular kid I don't have to be the kid people feel sorry for and I certainly didn't have to prove my self just to impress people im my own person and shouldnt care what people think because I'm just as important as anyone else

Autism Gamer Lil Jon says:

I think you are beautiful just the way you are Elly awesome : )

Tech Matrix says:

I can't stand clickbait.

Maddoggtannanify says:

I think you're so beautiful 💜

Rob Logan says:

No makeup? No problem. And yes, you are beautiful.

Ismail Jappie says:

Ill click on the video click bait or.not😂😋


Elly your a total cutie and a beautiful person on the inside as well. The media is, has and always will be very misrepresenting of what true beauty is, why ? Because they want to sell magazines, a clothing line and a image that isn't always quite accurate or real. We come to your channel for you and your very vibrantly strong and very positive personality. Be proud of being you and only you and stay Awesome as always!

fab umme says:

You ARE Beautiful.
Wish I had an elder sis lyk u.
Love u Elly.😙

mark hinde says:

Character, heart, spirit, that's all you need, looks are just cosmetic…….

IC IC says:

You look amazing without makeup! Watching this as a teenager has really helped me because I'm at that age where my flaws is all I see and this has really helped me come to deals with it all, thank you so so much!

Shelly R. G. says:

That was awesome, Elly. You're beautiful inside and out! Thanks for spreading a positive message. 💗✌🏻

Links PS4 PRO says:

Wow Elly you totally got me!!! Btw you look even better without the makeup!!! Gosh you're so gorgeous!!! Marry me???

myzer333 says:

You're the best Elly! Literally Awesome. 🙂

randomrazr says:

subscribe to me and i will watch em all XD

Bjorn Marais says:

Hello all the way from South Africa 🙂

Kevin Hill says:

I miss Australia.

Kevin Hill says:


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