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Motivational Messages, Inspirational Lesson and Transformational Information

The presentations in our channel features FREE motivational messages, inspirational lessons and transformational information quickly and on the go. The goal is to provide FREE infotainment to transform your thinking, and improve upon your your life by way of positive lyrical content, subliminal messaging, subliminal messaging in music and progressive affirmations — just to name a few.

This video sets the tone for what we intend to deliver in a fun and entertaining way.

No matter if you’re interested in working out, learning about health and wellness, or looking to become financially comfortable, it all starts with internal and external messages of uplift.

So, if you are saying to yourself: “I want to improve upon my life”, or “I would love to have a more meaningful life style”, then you must also ask yourself, “Where is my enthusiasm to battle with laziness.”

Eventually, all who strive to be champions must get off their ass a play ball in this game of life. Why not make it fun?

“Rise With Me!” …. I’m Walt Gil


Hello it’s Walt Gil – Rise With Me

Let me start out by humbly asking, If your find yourself feeling our conversations, hearing value in the lessons, and seeing the benefits of it, please subscribe to our channel, hit the thumbs up button, like us and freely share this with family and friends.

Now, with today’s information age, you probably want info quickly and on the go. You may desire motivational, inspirational and transformational information in a nutshell. But many presenters talk and write too much, taking way too long to help solve your problem. Am I right?

Now, you might prefer a longer presentation when you attend a live seminar, or so. But when you go online (if you are like me) you want answers right away. You don’t have time for all that other stuff. In fact, you may already be wondering when I’m going to get to the gist of this presentation.

Well, I did need to point out the point of our presentations, and that is, we get the point. So, another point is, we’ve heard your call, we feel your frustration and we see how we can help.

Our presentations are designed to keep you moving. We provide lessons and tips to motivate, inspire and transform your thinking by way of short and sweet articles, speeches and music. Now the short articles and speeches are self explanatory, but the music portion of our programs require a little more explanation.

To elaborate — Working on oneself can be exhausting at times. Sometimes people want to improve upon themselves quickly, simply and effortlessly. We meet this demand by way of positive lyrical content and/or subliminal messaging in music. In this way, you could listen to the music in the comfort of your home, working out, taking a walk, driving your car, etc. Meanwhile, positive messages of uplift, motivation, energy, health and wellness and many more progressive affirmations are embedded subliminally or consciously throughout the music.

Sounds good right. Well this is what we do.

If you require more info on the subject of subliminal messaging then stayed tuned. That video is forthcoming or you may look it up yourself. It is an incredibly fascinating topic. Usually, people interested in self help topics will also explore the benefits of subliminal messaging. Trust me it is a good thing. And, it works.

I know this because all that I share with you I have used to improve upon my own life. I have come a long way from the destructive life I once lived. Now I live a productive, spiritual and meaningful lifestyle. I am in a happy marriage, I have a wonderful family and I am financially comfortable.

But I must add this is not enough for me just yet. I am still looking to rise in the areas of physical health and financial wealth.

When watching my videos, you will notice that I do not pretend to be bigger or better than I really am. Instead, I want my viewers to witness my progress and learn along the way with me. I want to share my successes as well as my down falls, my good days and bad.

Some days you will see me neatly dressed and other times I will appear scruffy and needing a shave. You will witness me battle with laziness while other times my enthusiasm will be through the roof. I will keep it real and this is why my motto is “Rise With Me”. I want us to be in this game together. Winning and losing is a realistic part of this game of life as we strive to be champions of it.

That’s real talk and that’s how I want to keep it. I hope that’s cool

So, that explains what this channel will provide in a nutshell. I hope you want to take part in this journey with me.

Please subscribe and invite a few family members and friends to do the same. I really appreciate it and look forward to us connecting and growing together.

Hope to see you again. It’s Walt Gil – Rise wit’ me – signing out – Thanks for watching.

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