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Managing Stress & Anxiety: ULTIMATE GUIDE (Audiobook)

A proven CBT approach to dealing with Health Anxiety (Hypochondria) –

Description: The Ultimate Guide to managing Stress and Anxiety Audiobook is everything you need to hear right now. Stress and anxiety are manageable, and this audiobook should be listened to multiple times, studied, and applied to begin changing your life now.

A CBT Audiobook: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that will help people look at the different events that they find themselves in, and to understand their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Although people who experience stress and anxiety may worry about things in general, sometimes there may actually be a need to deal with problems and difficulties in a practical way. A problem solving approach can be used to help identify the problem and then try to find a way to manage it. With change comes the type of outlook you have thought.

So do you see setbacks as a Failure or Feedback? This is important. When dealing with stress and anxiety, and managing your high levels properly. This can bring resistance. This resistance is your subconscious mind telling you not to venture too far from what you’ve been accustomed to. It has a point, it has kept you alive and safe. But it’s time to open yourself to a whole new world. With that, comes training your subconscious mind to understand that these changes are necessary and safe.

From time to time we may find ourselves going back to our old habits. For any change to be realistic, it takes time and effort to practice and develop our new skills. In order to prevent future relapse, it is a good idea to create a plan which can help you identify
the situations which may cause difficulties in future, as well as thinking about how we can best manage these situations.

*Please Share This Powerful Ultimate Guide To Managing Stress And Anxiety With Others. This Anxiety Audiobook Can Be A Mental Health Tool For So Many People To Refer To, To Help With Their Stress And Anxiety Condition Naturally.*

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Ben Fletcher says:

I am working through your program right now. It is life changing for me. Thank you thank you for all the help you have given to me and my family .

shannonm75 says:

I like the quote at the beginning. From my own experiences this is true but there have been times in the present where I experienced sensations mimicking illness that caused anxiety or panic but for the most part the panic is predicting that the sensations is going to be a heart attack or some disease. Feeling depressed is over regrets and painful losses. Living in the moment and enjoying it brings on the most peace.

Riziki Mashaka says:

Hi Denis!

What should I do if I am overthinking during meditation? I sometime face negative thoughts during meditation especially at the beginning point and the harder I try to calm it down it's get higher.

However, is that necessary to do deep breathing during mediation? (Can meditation work without deep breathing? I sometime forget to breath deep during meditation hence I only do it when I remember).

Thank you,

Mamunur Rashid says:

Thank you…..

Ronald Duck says:

conditioning processes of subconscious mind = core beliefs in cbt?

Lance Holtman says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

CeeCee Vee says:

mr dennis i have a problem with being able to look at ppl in the when theyre talking to me. my mind and eyes start to wonder to awkward places. the person then thinks that i am checking them out when in reality i am just not able to look anyone in the eye due to social anxiety..

angie Brennan says:

I loved this!!! So so helpful. I truly don't know how I got through before I found you Dennis!!!! Thanks so much for all you do

Hafazeh says:

I can't tell you how much this is helping me. Thank you.

david john robert says:

I just want to say thank you for posting such videos I have suffered with anxiety for many years and even I am learning new things it has came at the right time I am currently in a very very bad way due to anxiety chests pains arm pains tummy pains back pains any pain you can think of but this video has been great to listen to I am going to download the iTunes podcast this evening and give it a go. Hang in there everybody and good luck

Ana Colangeli says:

Thank you Dennis you are doing so much great things for the anxiety world. yoyr end the anxiety program gave me a reason to live again

Nick Peters says:

Hey Dennis I just sent you my second check in! I am so grateful to have you in my recovery 🙌 Thank you thank you

Rain Simsek says:

Great video! I purchased the end the anxiety program from your site and I'm noticing major changes in my life. I am so grateful for you I thought my only approach was through medication and you have helped me realize there is a support system for people to overcome anxiety. So grateful for people like you in my life.

Glenn Murphy says:

You are a special person , your journey surely shaped you you sound so intelligent , and all this coming from your anxiety disorder , loved this audio , going through the same journey as you went through , was doing fantastic with cbt therapy , jogging daily and mindfulness meditation , but the last week I've hit a wall and hardly been outside my house , this video is helping me gain my confidence back and losing my fear , thank you my friend

Rajesh Calais says:

Dennis words cannot describe my gratitude towards you Dennis. You are a gem. God bless and a very Merry Christmas to you and family.

Gemma Lewis says:

Thank you for ALL of your posts. They mean so much to me and give me hope, something I have desperately needed. Please continue doing what you do, I feel you were born to do it.

Severina Tse says:

Thank you for this upload. Very informative and helpful. Makes me understand more about myself and realize I'm not alone.

Keep up the great work!

Christina says:

I love your positivity and encouragement. I felt so empowered after listening to this. Thank you, Dennis!

Stronger Than Anxiety says:

Knowledge is power.

RedDawg06 Xxx says:

Dennis is amazeing cant thank you engouh we all needed this video keep going buddy 🙂

George Lea says:

Wow what a powerful guide

Ashleigh Nicole says:

You are so helpful because I can relate to what youre saying. Its spot on, and many doctors/therapists cannot get this close to home and are patronizing. God bless!

Joey Swanna says:

Needed this tonight awesome

Ashley Zazz says:

Thank you I really need this today

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