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Low Self Esteem Game | Why These Women Will Never Like You

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Amine TN says:

guys if you want to expérience real things in life you have to be in this mindset. and by saying real things i mean real love. this love is not based about nothing. it's just love. when you ask your girlfriend why you love me ? and she sayed i love you because i just love you there's no reason then this is something. in our time now The "real" things are rare and if you find someone "real" with you just fucking keep it.

William Smith says:

Mr. Locario you spoke a lot of truth in this video. It’s sad that no matter how many times you tell dudes it’s not about looks or money when it comes to attracting they won’t accept that fact.

E Sa says:

Locario you look dope with on this video pic no homo. You not that ugly after all lol.

Cam Mills says:

appreciate the video. needed to hear it.

Cam Mills says:

Fresh suit. no tie. say it one time: Get of me ladies. lol

Stuart Gooden says:

Locario where you from? You sound Torontonian

Jamil London says:

The haircut in the pic suits you locario! Stick to that hsircut and shirts brings out your charisma and gives you a professional look! No homo! Am a fashion stylist! excellent commentary as always.

Donnelle says:

Use "stuff" to get women and she will always be attracted to the "stuff"….ya don't hear me though.

Jonathan Collier says:

It's about having charisma, being well groomed, taking care of your body, having confidence from within, you have to travel or do other things besides work & watch tv or play video games. Go to events, go to gatherings. Improve your social circle, good video fam.

Mr. X says:

Hypergamy says its just ur turn

Fat Ray says:

I hate when Mr. Locario goes the "Looks Don't Matter" road. He gives great advice in every video and he really is the best, until he says" looks don't matter". If you believe that, approach beautiful women.

D.A bjj says:

Men, when I was younger like late teens n early 20s I had real bad low esteem, n no game. I'm a tall good looking lite skin nigga so I always relied on my looks to pull hoes but most the time I failed. I'm 31 now got a fiance n a expert now to the game. Game to is 95% mind power.

WJValente says:

The guys who subscribe to the looks/money/status blah blah blah idea don't have low self-esteem, but rather massive and fragile ego's… They use that script in their head as an excuse for not having to put in the work… They can't fathom the fact that someone would actually like them for who they are without all of the extra stuff, so perhaps maybe it is low self-esteem… But, I tend to think it is a cop-out and an excuse to justify their position…

Chris Peezy says:

This video is basically what NOT to do… I understand but im wondering well shit what DO i do?

Shaddy Raddy922 says:

Low self esteem or lack of self confidence will mentally cock-block you sonnnn! Peep the game from Locario! Keep working on yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritual and always assume attraction. Deuces!

Dalitszz says:

Low self esteem is just most niggas reality. I grew up with no father to teach me the ropes and constantly being called ugly by girls at a young age I developed very bad low self esteem. I’m not getting the external sh*t for women, I do it for me. I’d rather put more energy into those things cause I feel like getting at women is a waste of time for me.

DeepRooted says:

I find it easier to attract women based on my persona and vibe, than looks. One works sometime the other works allllllllll the time.



Bald Head Jamaican says:

Look playas theres going to be a lot of single lonely women out here especially in February since it Valentine's day. It goes back to a womens childhood remember back in school u had to buy a chick a something for V day well guess what that little is going to be coming out of here again she wants to be Validated with the D

Kenwood Drive says:

That blue suit is hard

Rony Ron says:

Low self esteem game is about how to use something you don't have to try to get some confident. Material things doesn't matter you are Good enough.

C4Zero says:

Mr. Locario with the looks situation i do feel that a girl has to be attracted to you physically for her to entertain you in the first place. Especially if she has a specific type so even if a guy looks good if he’s not her type she won’t be attracted to him. For example when i approached before (even though not that often) even though I’m attractive i wasn’t there type, but my friend was their type because he fit their preference. People have preferences, just saying that it makes it easier when you already meet her preference.

Simon Scottish says:

Great breakdown. That's why I honestly think that a lot of male celebrities don't have real "game" and they face rejection more harsh when women turn them down. Like if you took away Floyd Mayweather's money tomorrow this dude wouldn't even know what to say to finesse a woman. He would honestly maybe commit suicide because he never had to develop his game in life.

AnotherChannel says:

I am enough for no reason at all, just cos

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