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Love and Low Self Esteem – Jess Cornelius

From the EP ‘Nothing Is Lost’ out Oct 2017 via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.

Recorded on Christmas Day 2016 by Jess Cornelius and Bob Knob, mixed by Bob at Hope St Studios.

Video by Thomas Hyland at Clones and Clones. Filmed in NYC by Lauren Poulter, Feb 2017.

You and I don’t talk about what happened anymore
I’ve made different friends; I go out less than I did before
But every now and then I see you at a bar in town
And I wonder – would I be happier, baby, if I hadn’t found you out?

Cause I remember asking for the truth
And if you’d given me that I could have put up with a lot from you
But now the light is shining
And it shines so differently on the past
And it illuminates all of those questions
I never thought to ask

And sometimes I can’t tell the difference
Between love and low self esteem
‘Cause it’s when I’m feeling tiny as an eyelash
That’s when I want to be all you need

I just don’t care at all
That’s what I’d like to say to you, if it were true
But I can’t get over how little I knew

‘Cause if you lied about her
Then yes you lied about me
And we both know you can’t really love a person that you just refuse to see

And when you told me you don’t want to live together
I know exactly what you mean
Beause why would you want to pay for dinner
When you eat every night for free?

I just don’t care at all
That’s what I’m gonna say to you, when it is true
When I no longer need a single thing from you.

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youremostwelcome says:

Holy Jesus Jess, you slay me.

Dave Goldschmidt says:

what a gloriously brutal song.

NADIE UnU says:

Beatiful song ❤️

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