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LG’s 2018 OLED TVs don’t mess with success

Our favorite televisions of 2017 get minor improvements this year, including better processing and Google Assistant built into these TVs on display at CES 2018.

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Django Skywalker says:

Only thing that’s important and needs to be addressed or talked about is if they addressed the burn in issues the TVs have been known to have…..

Zachary Winterhalder says:

Sony will still beat these TVs…ven with no PQ improvement.

LTEAndroid says:

Welp CES for TVS this year was a let down nothing new for consumers.

nanfoodles says:

With LG being the only TV with Google assistant, they win my business this year and I was going to buy a Samsung QLED.

aragnophy says:

What about burn-in and ghosting issues? Any improvements?

SaithusX says:

Yeah I want an OLED… but my pockets aren’t that deep

Zaid Adel says:

What about Games

CoolRaul says:

What is funny is that there 2017 wallpaper TV should be much cheaper but I doubt it! By July this year lg will discount the old TV only 15%

Masud Ali says:

LG C8 looks so ugly with that thiick bezel glass. LG C7 looks best. If LGC7 had thin bezels like Qled tvs that would be my Tv of dreams. LG C8 looks shit.

Common Sense says:

They really need to make that big ugly soundbar optional. I was waiting for this years model hoping they'd be smart enough to make it optional. For a premium TV, I want the freedom to team it up with a premium sound system of my choice.

varietyrange32 says:

LG OLED TV will once again be the no.1 TV of 2018

Nick says:

And here I thought at first, damn that's a big ass bezel for a 2018 tv.

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