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Les Brown’s 7 Rules For Success! You Have Greatness In You!

Les Brown’s 7 Rules For Success! Must Watch Motivational Video

Watch the full interview on Lewis Howes School Of Greatness:

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Les Brown’s 7 Rules For Success Motivational Speech:
1. Don’t Let Your Dreams Die With You
2. Program Your Mind Or Your Mind Will Be Programmed
3. Eliminate Negative People From Your Life
4. It’s All About Your Attitude!
5. You Have Greatness In You!
6. Believe In Yourself
7. Don’t Reject Yourself Anymore!

Music In Order:
1 + 2: Never Give Up Epic Instrumental
3: Internal Enemy Epic Instrumental
4 + 5: Your Why Epic Instrumental
6: Hope Uplifting Soul Instrumental
7 + Bonus + End: Revival Epic Instrumental

TRANSCRIPT of the interview:

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The DragonEye says:

Thank you for all the motivation Team Fearless! You are one of the main reasons in my life to keep going! Never stop fighting! Never stop motivating! Never stop crafting legends! Thank You!

K U N M U N says:

Thank you sir

Thana Sekar says:

Hats of you. …..

Александра Горская says:

You guys are doing a great job, and I am sorry if I'm mistaken, but 'superhero soundtrack' seems a bit distrackting)

Sagar Dharmik says:

Great job Team fearless…..keep inspiring us and make us fearless to achieve our goals

1628 says:

I Got my answer.
Thank u fearless team. 🙂

Rashmi Rathore says:

We r living on our limitations rather than our potential…really very nice…thank u team fearless ..and thank u sir…

myriam elody says:

authenticity is what Les Brown inspires me.

Yash Singh Raghuvanshi says:

I don't know what to read

Sameer Ahmed says:

"Most People die at age 25!! but dont get buried until they're 65!!" just speechless!!

Ahmed Raza says:

love u bro..

Mister M says:

The photos in the video are from?

Emre Yüksel says:

Here I am, knowing I will achieve it. Team Fearless, you are my eyeopener, you have inspired me and keep inspiring me with your greatness. You have my blessings and I realize more and more what your goals and achievements are with these videos and such. Keep up your work because you have won yourselves a warrior that is willing to fight alongside with you.

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