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Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense from Standing Rear Choke

Here are a couple of defenses from a surprise attack in the form of a rear choke grab. This video covers not just specific techniques of how to defend the two most common energies of a rear choke, but also how best to determine the energy. Once the intention of the attacker’s energy is determined, the proper technique can be employed efficiently. I️ hope this is helpful to everyone!

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camodigital2 says:

A true blessing thanks this might be your best and most important video yet

Gabriel Mann says:

Loved it great video just wondering have you found Any techniques that would work with Kali moves cause I would love to see that Like Kali moves that you Can incorporate into Jujitsu

Exiled Nomad says:

Excellent demonstration. Thanks.

Paul Audio says:

Hey this is pretty cool. I'm a white belt in Judo so I'm going to ask my sensei if we can practice this choke defense, thanks for sharing!

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