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Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense | 4 Options For Grabs From Behind

Here are some defensive options from common standing grabs from behind. Aside from the rear choke grab (see a previous video on my channel for that one), these are some solutions for efficiently and effectively getting out of a double arm pin, a bear hug (2 options) and a full-nelson.

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Super Idiot says:

Thanks a lot. This is really help me

Oreo Carlton says:

Very interesting, do more of these rare in sport position escapes

Carlo Rusconi says:

Your teaching is awesome. Thanks. Can you explain also how to defend from a rear bear hug when arms are free? It is a pretty standard grab and I don't like the standard jujitsu defense where you base and grab your opponent foot. Thanks

Liz Acosta says:

I want to do Jiu Jitsu

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