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Jessica Chastain on The History of Abuse of Women in Entertainment | Close Up With THR

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Jessica Chastain (‘Molly’s Game’) joins Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s Actress Roundtable. Chastain speaks on the lengthy history of harassment in Hollywood going back decades and the need for the industry to change in order to survive.

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Black Vinyl BR says:

She's so hot!

David Black says:

why did Jessica Chastain describe those 2 guys by their sexual orientation.. how weird? is she introduced as a heterosexual women?.

Michael P. Shipley says:

Aaron Sorkin will be next to be exposed as a hypocritical ass kissing virtue signaler (Louis CK, Keven Spacey, Weinstein…) who also sexually assaults women. Time for congress to investigate Marxist infiltration of Hollywood again. Its like herpes, keeps coming back.

xsammyx101x says:

they could have talked about the movies more, they seem to have used this as an opportunity to ask these women all these questions about women in the industry, and less about the brilliant work they have produced this year. which in my opinion is counter intuitive, your asking them about sexism in hollywood instead of their work when you should really be asking the people that pay them, the producers and directors, and the actors they have to deal with. its like thr is still trying to pull focus from what they have achieved by asking them stupid questions about sexism, which in itself is a little sexist.

Michael P. Shipley says:

As usual, only women are victims because they are professional victims. Men are never victims, children are never victims, gays are never victims, only poor pitiful helpless totally not powerful whiny women. Give me a break. You are pathetically predictable babies.

Sonja Dawn says:

Humans have a habit of attacking a problem in the moment, rather than trace it back to where it began and we are particularly good at this if it saves our own arse.

HrTjernobyl says:

Aaron Sorkin is a God

Rebeka Schmidt says:

Lol, is JLaw showing her engagement ring to Jessica!!!!???????

ha ro says:

She’s my favourite actor ♥️♥️

Mitali Kshatriya says:

Nobody takes woodey Allen's name bloody double standards

Milly Borkovic says:

Well that’s great for Aaron Sorkin, but why do we have to keep hearing stories like this? Why does is take men having a daughter to understand that women should be treated better and stand up for them? We should be teaching young boys to feel this way from the get go.

YvinatorElite says:

Love that these amazing women are talking about it, but I do hope the male roundtables will also have this subject addressed  in their discussion.

Summer Oh says:

She is just so damn amazing

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