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Suppoman Udemy says:

Learn how to pick the best ICOs, find out my secret ICO (no longer at ICO) and join my mastermind group too, just for $10:

krichd1 says:

Look at B3Coin (B3) and Dix Asset (DIX), it is unbelievable day.

Billy Birdy says:

BCPT and BWK will go x100 in 2018.

Forsty says:

I don't understand why this needs a token? I don't see it happen anytime soon that e.g. my Mom has to pay in TKY to make a contract with her insurance company. LMAO.

Viren Patel says:

Thx suppoman looking forward to talking your course
By the way u da man

KangarooCrypto says:

Ico's are the go for 2018! As you said check the white paper, it's competitors! As 2018 we are gonna be flooded with them.
Ps Suppoman! Does Mrs Lois Lane also agree?

Jose Fernandez says:

Suppoman, you don't seem to be following up with electroneum at all. Please take a look at their latest partnership:
Spoiler aler: is HUGE

Lisa Galinski says:

I hope you never stop singing in your intro! Thanks for taking this trip to the moon with all of us!

Todd Detering says:

Check out HTMLCOIN, good project and team and great community, below a penny at the moment!!

tweedle dee says:

why would you buy TKY when we already have CIVIC?

James Smith says:

hey Suppoman, what do you reckon you could turn £150k investment  into over  a one yearperiod, how many millions ££££?? lol

Biso Kunwar says:

Suppoman, I am a huge fan and bought all your courses. One thing I want to point out is you have to sometimes not use your logic and go against people's choice example PAC coin. If peeps are into it , you should promote as well. thanks

Garo says:

fook the key, selfkey is the real key to success

dank jr says:

Bro loving vchain and walton coin so much

Lee sung says:

😎πŸ’ͺ🏻😎πŸ’ͺ🏻 Micheal…I rather not talk to you on this channel, but I need you to spend some quality time and research Hive the bank killer.. So what they do? Hive utilize a platform that will be your auditor, risk manager and liquidity broker on the same platform. The supply is right in your sweet spot

Essential Trader says:

Was really sad and upset that I missed out on Suppocoin masternode. I put a reminder to check back before the timer expired, but when I went on the website, all masternodes were sold! Don't know if the timer was fake or pushed up =/

Viren Patel says:

Hi Suppoman
if I buy any of your courses do i automatically qualify for your private group thx

Roy Decaestecker says: is also a competitor. Not tokenized though. but the space is large enough for multiple players imo. like it

Simona Vasile says:

we followed all your videos, we bought all your udemy courses, we subscribed to facebook group and twitter and you didn't mention anywhere that will be a presale. the suppocoin masterdone was the only masternode I wanted

ETN ETN says:

Hey Suppomon, you are getting better πŸ˜‰ The key is going to be one of the best investments, better than Wanchain in my eyes. Thekey has the fully backup of the chinese government, partnerships with Microsoft and Alibaba, a ridicioulos hardcap of 22million $ for this market and a very very strong team. This ICO is ticking all boxes!

Ster Ling says:

'THE KEY' = 'THE CHIP'? lol
I smell CONTROL.

RigediRig says:

I've been using KuCoin for some time now and in must say that its one of the best exchanges right now. They have a great userinterface and besides the big coins they have a lot of small coins with huge potential that other exchanges dont list at the moment but surely start to list at some point. One oft he best things is their own Coin. If you hold KuCoins on the exchange, you will reduce your fees and also get rewarded. 50% of all fees are payed to KCS holders. You can get in while its still in very early stage:

kajinsoul says:

Nobody's talking about Travelflex ico thats happening now, has a huge potential for growth.

JJ Sparx says:

Wow, is this a first? A YouTuber with their own coin? Congrats on that. Hope it does well. 100x in a month at least!

Crypto GalaxyX says:

the key to financial success this month: ICX, CAPP, POLL, SUB, LRC, VIBE

Daniel Deng says:

Be aware of THEKEY. I registered the CrowdSale and followed the instructions in which I chose the Nationality being the U.S. and also uploaded the copy of my US Passport. After the Submit, then the site said that citizens of Mainland China, U.S. and Singapore cannot join the CrowdSale, but they already have my U.S. Passport, doesn't it? Being the fact that they are a security company especially bothers me. This company seems legit but why they could not tell us in advance in terms of the security process.

Abid syed says:

Pre-sale whitelist was already over by 25th dec 2017,and minimum investment was 0.1 btc during pre-sale not 1 btc.

Claudiu Vasile says:

Suppocoin presale is over. I thought you said won't be any presale, will go to the market directly

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