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Instant Karma Fails – Self Defense – Bully Fails Compilation 2017

Compilation of Instant karma, instant justice, bad drivers and road rage , instant karma police , police vs cars , police vs racers , police fails videos. INSTANT KARMA POLICE | INSTANT JUSTICE | BAD DRIVERS & ROAD RAGE

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austin powers says:

It's very irresponsible to knock someone out on concrete or a tile floor. Even tho it's self defence cracking a skull can be bad.

TheFoundation says:

Why do girls act so tough when they get bitch slapped they cry.

MivTheMan says:

2:13 this one really cracked me up XD

Bourne Again says:

For a second I thought that first woman was just getting hyped up for a cage match


love the last one Lol😂😂

Benjamin Blackford says:

That last one was fucked up, if I was in the African american/Jamacin mans shoes, I would knock her out

xXwilliamsonstienXx xXwilliamsonstienXx says:

i want fooood!!

creepycheepy says:

I love police that trips birches I love doing that to my friends if they need help

Ike Zhang says:

when someone spits on you, you slap them.
if someone slaps you, you punch them
if someone punches you, you wail on them
if someone has a gun, it's probably not loaded

Witk A says:

Fake, dumb and real.

john lara says:

To the first women, cocaine's a hellva drug!

Nijda says:

Kinda sad on the first one, the husband just does nothing like he just can't be bothered with her shit anymore, but has to stay with her because his love is still strong from all the good times they had together.

bangumb0y says:

0:10 i found trever from gtas girlfriend O.o

Ronan Passman says:

did the lady spit in the Jamaican guys face in the last video?

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